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09/16/2020 HYU News > Student


'Good Influence' Challenge for University students... Attention to Team Hanyang University 'Seongsu-dong Pedestrian Environment Improvement Project'

SK 'Social Value Connect 2020' Competition, 5 university, including Hanyang University, participate

Global News Team

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Hanyang University's "Walkable Street Seongsu" team participated in the "University Student's Good Influence Challenge" on September 4th during the "Social Value Connect (SOVAC) 2020," hosted by the SK Group.

"Social Value Connect 2020" will be held from the 1st to the 24th. During this event, 6 universities will participate in "university student's good influence challenge," which is held on the 4th. The 6 teams will find solutions to various social problems deepened by the COVID-19 pandemic and compete for a solution that would bring a good influence on society. 

"Hanyang Walkable Street" Team carried out a project with the motto, "Our painting Stops Cars" to improve the pedestrian environment in Seongsu-dong.

In addition to Hanyang University, a total of 6 universities, including Korea University, Sookmyung Women's University, Ewha Women's University, Yonsei University and Seoul National University, participated in the competition to present creative solutions to social problems.

On the 4th, the "Good Influence" award was given to Sookmyung Women's University along with 2.2 million won as a prize money. Sookmyung's "Imageus" team developed a platform linking retired sports players. The Hanyang University team received the "Do it Now" award together with 1 million won as prize money.

"SOVAC 2020" will be carried out for 4 weeks. They will hold lectures, talk shows, live competition, university challenges and other various programs to solve social issues. You can watch the programs on the SOVAC webpage, Youtube Channel, and the NAVER Happy Bean Campaign Page. 

▲Social Value Connect 2020 (SOVAC 2020),
Poster for "University Student's Good Influence Challenge"
(Source: SOVAC 2020 Webpage)

Global News Team
Translation by: Lee Hee-jin
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