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09/09/2020 HYU News > Alumni Important News


[Hanyang Hand-in-Hand] Expressing Gratitude when you Feel it, that is Donation

Kim Dong-sik, CEO of Kweather (Mechanical Engineering, year 90'), donated 5 million won to the ERICA Campus recently (2020 Summer Edition)

Global News Team

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Expressing Gratitude when you Feel it, that is Donation.
Kim Dong-sik, CEO of Kweather (Mechanical Engineering 90')
▲Kim Dong-sik, CEO of Kweather (Mechanical Engineering 90')

The title "very first" to Kim Dong-sik was not easily earned. He humbly said that having a positive mindset and a challenging alma mater allowed him to overcome his fear and be who he is now. CEO Kim Dong-sik said that he will repay the love he have received from school by donation, starting with 5 million won. We will now hear  about the pride he has for "Hanyang" and "Hanyang-in" (Hanyang student), and the love he received from his alma mater. 

Q1. We heard that you recently donated 5 million won to Hanyang ERICA Campus. What was your motivation?

A1. When I was an undergraduate student, I was allowed to use the lab together with graduates, thanks to considerate professors. On graduation day, I received the president's award with an active recommendation from the school. Looking back on the process of studying abroad, it would never have been easy without the support of the professor and the school. For these reasons, I always thought, even after starting business, that it would be great to pay back the school's contribution, and I am happy to be able to repay little by little through immediate transfer system.

Q2. There are many ways of donation (voluntary work, talent donation, etc). Do you have any "new donation culture" in mind?

A2. I always had the idea of donation but constantly thought that donation was only for those who succeeded which made me think about questions like "am I allowed to donate?" or "would it seem like I want to smear?" However, after donating this time, my thoughts changed. I realized that it's the heart that matters, and not the amount, and that is a true donation. I'm planning to portray my "love for alma mater." If I see any alumni who are hesitant, like me, I will make sure to encourage them. (laughs)

Q3. In today's society, coporate social responsibility (CSR) is increasing. I think Kweather's various cooperate activites could be seen as "sharing" in that sense.

A3. Like you can tell from the name of the company, Kweather is a company that provides information on the weather and fine dust. More specifically, we provide services that minimizes the damages caused by climate change and try to enhance the quality of life. The biggest advantage is to create things that everyone thought was impossible into a business model based on ideas and make it more socially meaningful.  Wouldn't this be the value of "sharing?"
"To give with sincerity is what donation means to me."
▲Kim Dong-sik, CEO of Kweather (Mechanical Engineering 90)

Q4. Please tell us the benefits and how you felt when you donated for those "Hanyang ins" who are still hesitant to donate.

A4. I used to think that Hanyang poeple had their own love for their alma mater, but this donation proved that I was not the only one thinking that way. Koreans lack in expressing through action, which may be because of the culture, but I hope that active expression will be established. If schools provide more diverse ways for alumni who are wiling but unable to donate, I am sure they will be able to show more "love for their alma mater."

Q5. How do you feel seeing the school constantly developing? And if you have anything you want to say to your juniors, please let us know.

A5. Hanyang University is already a good school. Of course, there may be a better university depending on who evaluates it, but I think all of our "Hanyang in" has the foundational skills to do anything.  In particular, the practical education of Hanyang University will allow the students to transform ideas into action and make them real. I hope that juniors will take over this temperament and climate created by the seniors and challenge themselves to create new things without being tied to tradition. I also wish that there were opportunities for alumni to share their experiences with the juniors. It would be great to share worries and find solutions together. This way, won't we be able to see both seniors and juniors develop the same dreams?

Q6. When explaining about you, the modifier "first" is followed like the first MIT master's degree and the first private forecast business registration. Please tell us about the direction and future plans that Kweather has.

A6. I guess I got the title "first" because I constantly worked on things that people didn't think of and things that people thought was impossible. Looking back, I think Hanyang University's practical and challenging spirit made me who I am today. There are many poeple who fear the process of earning the title "first", but I try to have a positive mindset. I believe that going on a path that no one has ever been to means "there is nothing to fear when you lose it." So, there's no pressure, and depending on your efforts, you can produce meaningful results. I hope that more Hanyang-ins will not fear going on paths that people have not gone on before. Kweather's hard-working employees allowed Kweather to have some small achievements, and we will continue to make efforts to leave meaningful results, even if they bring smaller results. We are planning to push ahead with projects that can help the people by actively introducing technologies for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Kim Dong-sik, who expressed his gratitude to his alma mater through donation, will be a great courage for many Hanyang-ins to challenge everything. 

Written by. Editoral Office
Photos by. Son Cho-won

Global News Team
Translation by: Lee Hee-jin
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