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09/10/2020 HYU News > Event


Hanyang University Holds 'JOB Discovery Festival'

Starting from the 31st to the 29th of next month... All process will be operated online

Global News Team

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Hanyang University is holding untact job fair, 'JOB Discovery Festival' starting from August 31st to 29th of the next month.

On the 31st, Hanyang University announced that it will hold a job fair with the cooperation with 'Catch', an employment portal, which will be held online. While many kinds of university events are being canceled due to the aftereffect of COVID-19, this job fair will be operated online starting from one-on-multiple video consulting to employment consulting.

The job fair has secured the participation list of conglomerates such as SK, Lotte, LS, GS, and Hyundai Card. The fair will consist of programs such as △‘Live employment consulting according to the company' △'One-on-multiple consulting' with HR manager/current employee △'Employment Consulting Board' for posting Q&A within 24 hours and △‘Company PR Booth'.

Current students and graduates wishing to participate in the job fair can join the fair through the registration website.  

Kim Sung-soo, head of the Hanyang University Global Career Development Center mentioned that "as the job market is declining due to COVID-19, we planned for an online job fair to support students that are looking for a job" and added that "live job consulting with the managers of the companies will provide great help to the students."

Meanwhile, the number of universities holding an online job fair is increasing following Hanyang University, such as Korea University, Sungkyunkwan University, and Yonsei University.
▲Website of 2020 Hanyang University untact JOB Discovery Festival

Go straight to 2020 Hanyang University untact JOB Discovery Festival

Global News Team
Translation by: Lee Won-young

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