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08/27/2020 HYU News > Faculty


Professor Jung Jae-chan Delivered Lecture at JTBC 'Class with Difference'

Broadcasted at 11p.m. of August 18th... Visioning and comparing the real life of Lee Yook-sa and Yoon Dong-ju

Global News Team

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On August 18th, Jung Jae-chan, a Hanyang University Professor in the Department of Korean Language Education revisioned the life of poets Lee Yook-sa and Yoon Dong-ju, at a JTBC Program 'Class with Difference' for the National Liberation day.

During the dark ages of the Japanese colonial era of the 1990s, the two poets served as the representatives of the emotions and voices of Koreans, protesting against Japan. While their names have been recalled many times through numerous musicals and movies, their lives itself were not fully dealt with. From this lecture, Professor Jung closely compared their lives and told their true stories.
▲ Professor Jung Jae-chan lecturing at 'Class with Difference' (Contributed by: JTBC)
The recording of 'Class with Difference,' which has been operated recently, began with the stage of a rapper BewhY, who entered the stage by calling out "Korea ura." Last year, BewhY received big applause by presenting 'My Land,' a song that has been created to celebrate the 100th year of the establishment of the Korean Provisional Government.

Professor Jung entered the stage after BewhY, mentioning that he will present "both the poem and life of the poets." As the lecture began, Professor Jung started with the story of poet Yoon Dong-ju, saying that "the poet also had to change his name due to the command of the Japanese government, during the year 1940." 

After, he introduced the poem 'Confession,' which the poet wrote five days before he changed his name. Professor Jung's interpretation of the poem moved the hearts of the students.

Meanwhile, he also presented the life of Lee Yook-sa, who showed an opposite stance with the poet Yoon Dong-ju. The poem 'Climax' that he wrote during the dark ages where Koreans had to live with fear in their lives, showed the climax of toughness. The meaning of 'rainbows made out of steel,' which Professor Jung interpreted brought the standing ovation of the students. 

Professor Jung started his life as a teacher by teaching at a high school, where he taught students for 10 years. In 2008, he became a professor at Hanyang University's Department of Korean Language Education. Some of his books are Ideology and Theory of a Modern Poetry, For the Sociology in Literature Education, Pheonomenon and Recognition of Literature Education. One of his books called 'To Those that Have Forgotten Poetry', which he wrote after having his general lecture 'Reading the Poetry with Cultural Blending' as its basis, had been selected as the book of the year at Wanju-gun in 2019.

Global News Team
Translation by: Lee Won-young
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