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08/31/2020 HYU News > Alumni


[Hanyang Hand-in-hand] Alumnus Ko Jae-kyung, sharing and giving is the legacy of my life

From 2016 to present: donated 260 million won for scholarships and the development fund for the College of Medicine (2020 Summer edition)

Global News Team

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Sharing and giving is the legacy of my life
Ko Jae-kyung, the Ubong Scholarship Committee Chairman of the board (Honorary professor of the College of Medicine)
▲Ubong Scholarship Foundation Chairman Ko Jae-kyung
(Honorary professor of the College of Medicine)
It was an obvious reason and logic. The mine of his late father was the signal post. 
Having a mindset that ‘my small help will be needed for others to move forward’ and putting into action.
The Ubong Scholarship Committee Chairman Ko Jae-kyung says that this is the ‘donation philosophy.’ Also, with this belief, he has donated 260 million won since 2016 for scholarships and donation funds for the College of Medicine. The path that Chairman Ko Jae-kyung walked and the future legacy he will walk on is the value of sharing and accompanying.
The heart for Hanyang followed by donation and sharing
Ko Jae-kyung’s late father, who was a local district’s enterprise business person had a belief that business performance made by the love from the local community should be returned. Furthermore, Chairman Lee is acting out the belief given as his father’s legacy.
‘I didn’t donate by a special chance or to let people know. I just think it is the effect of my father’s belief. Especially, my father strived to provide scholarships to students with difficulties living and helped them grow as a fine citizen’.
Chairman Ko’s alma mater is not Hanyang University but he was a scholar that researched in Hanyang University’s College of Medicine for 28 years, which is not a short time. In terms of the development of molecular biology research, he said that it was from the help of Hanyang University that he could enrich his academic findings. Moreover, when he was working at the school, he said the reason for getting the ‘This year’s professor award’ three times was due to the students and the school.
‘I hope for the best for the students and therefore have a great affinity for Hanyang and this naturally led me to donate. Wouldn’t it be the cast that this kind of strong support for school becomes the base to make the world better by letting each person’s healthy growth ?’

Chairman Ko says that it is rewarding to give donations to schools that have future talents that will be of help to the society. He indicated that it is unfortunate to see students that change their dreams from financial difficulties rather than working towards it. That is the reason why he wants his sharing to be a strong support for his juniors.

Happy society comes from the circulation of sharing
'As I had mentioned previously, I worked in Hanyang University for 28 years and resigned in 1997. It has been more than 20 years since I left school, and I am very greatful that I can provide help to students, juniors, and the school that does not forget me. This makes me happy and proud of myself.'

After giving donations to the school, Chairman Ko said he was happy and glad. What would be his idea of Korea's donation culture?

Chairman Lee says that ‘developed nations’ have a culture in which each person and company holds responsibility as a member of society and shares the results that they have achieved by putting in their best efforts. Also, these good deeds are then well circulated to become a nation that everyone lives happily. In this sense, he is already putting the value of sharing into action to make a ‘developed nation’. This is because continuing his father’s belief of ‘growing and developing with the local citizens to contribute to the society’, he established the ‘Ubong Scholarship Foundation’. It has been more than 30 years since the establishment of the Ubong Scholarship Foundation. From the start of the establishment, he is providing a full-tuition scholarship for Gwangju district university students. Furthermore, he is running a philanthropic enterprise along with the scholarship foundation.
There is a facility called the ‘Nazareth House’ that supports the education and raising of children who are left out of families and societies and need help. It is a place run by sisters that forms family unions to provide a right and stable environment for children to grow into fine adults. I got in touch with them very long ago and have been helping them ever since’.
When asked about a special episode he can remember, he talked about the start of the relationship with the Nazareth House. It was a time of the IMF in 1997 when it was difficult for the Nazareth House to receive donations as everyone was living in difficult situations. Chairman Lee even heard unfortunate news that it was not even possible to afford high-school tuition fees, which was why he decided to start is ‘sharing’. Afterward, he is constantly giving supports for student tuition fees or facilities even if it is a small help. It has been decades of relationship with the Nazareth House now. It is also rewarding to support through scholarships for university students, but he said that it is even more rewarding to hear that the little children of the Nazareth House becoming a healthy grownup as a member of the society.  
‘Wouldn’t living a life that helps others be the value of life?’
▲Ubong Scholarship Foundation Chairman Ko Jae-kyung (Honorary professor of the College of Medicine)
Donation, a faith of being a help to others
Chairman Ko Jae-kyung majored in biochemistry, which is one of the field of basic medicine and received awards such as the national seogryu medal, Paiknam academic award, and Kumho academic award. ‘I have made efforts for the research development of the Hanyang University’s medical education growth and this field through biochemistry. I cannot describe how honored I was to receive a  very meaningful lifetime award for my effort. I am again grateful to think back at the moment.’
The standard and value of life differ for each person. When Chairman Ko was once a scholar, thought the value in life is a life that has its goals to be of small help to one’s academic field’s development by research. As it is not researching for one’s own good, it is also a form of intellectual sharing, a donation.
‘My definition of sharing is ‘not a concept of sharing what’s left, but being a help to others by sharing what I have’. It is the belief that my small help will be a support for someone to move forward and for that person to give back what they received to the society. This is my own ‘sharing philosophy’.
In no time, Chairman Ko Jae-kyung has walked for 90 years in his life. His friends and those who had the same goals are cheering for him in heaven.
‘It is true that nothing can stop the time. But there are precious families beside me, I can move however I want, and even have hobbies that I enjoy. Also, the Scholarship Foundation that I established by accepting my father’s belief has been more than 30 years. I can still live a life that can be of help to others and I think this is the value of life.’
Hanyang University and the College of Medicine work together to meet their goals. It is his wish to be the stepping stone for future talents to freely expand on their dreams. Like Chairman Ko’s hopes, his life until now and the value of life is already a huge support for numerous people.
Written by the Editorials, Photo by Son Cho-won

Global News Team
Translation by : Park Gyeong-min

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