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08/26/2020 HYU News > General


Hanyang University's 4th Industrial Revolution Research Institute Supports Consulting on "Ocean Bio-Healing Industry" in Wando, South Jeolla Province

Online advisory meeting carried out on the 13th

Global News Team

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Hanyang University's Fourth Industrial Revolution Research Institute (ICBM) held an advisory meeting with Wando-gun, South Jeolla Province, on a strategy to succeed in the fourth industrial revolution.

The advisory meeting was held on August 13th, 2021 The Maritime Bio Promotion Plan, the marine healing industry, and the algae fair in Wando-gun South Jeolla Province were dicussed. 

This meeting was carried out online to ease the difficulties with managing projects and planning regional events conducted by local governments during the pandemic. Professor Cho Byung-wan (Department of Construction and Environment Engineering) said, "We hope that this consultation meeting will give a lot of vitality to the projects of local governments." 

The conventional concept of marine healing is limited to consumers' perception that marine resources are simply good for their health. The Fourth Industrial Revolution Research Institute suggested that it is necessary to break away from this by adding consumer-customized concepts by including a blockchain compensation and networking platform, a system in which participants receive health care.

In addition, considering the technological development caused by the 4th Industrial Revolution and the advent of the pandemic, the construction of an infrastructure "System Virtual Physical System (CPS)" that integrates robots, medical devices and online software, and the surrounding environment was proposed. 

Last month, Wando-gun became the first to enact the Ordinance on Promotion and Support of Wando Marine Bio Industry to support the comprehensive and systematic development of the marine bio industry.

Meanwhile, Hanyang University's 4th Industrial Revolution Research Institute, led by Professor Cho Byung-wan from the faculty of engineering, is a domestic laboratory that studies the fusion and combination of IoT, CPS, Blockchain, Machine Learning (ICBM) technology, advanced relativity theory, quantum mechanics, and genetic engineering.

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Global News Team
Translation by: Lee Hee-jin
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