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08/27/2020 HYU News > Performance Important News


Hanyang University Rises to Rank 201-300 in the 2020 Academic Ranking of World Universities...2nd in the Country

Announced on the 15th... a step higher than the previous year

Global News Team

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Hanyang University ranked 201-300 in the "2020 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU)" that was released by China, Shanghai Jiao Tong University on August 15, ranking 2nd in the country. This is a step up from the previous year in which Hanyang University was ranked 301-400.

Out of the 1000 universities in the 2020 ranking, 32 Korean universities were included. Seoul National University maintained its No.1 position in Korea for 18 consecutive years with a rank of 101-150, while Hanyang University, KAIST, Korea University, Sungkyunkwan University, and Yonsei University together ranked 201-300.

Harvard University in the U.S. took first place in the global arena followed by Stanford University, Cambridge University, MIT and UC Berkeley, holding the same position as the previous year. British and American universities dominated the top 20. Out of the non-British and American universities, Paris-Sacrédée, France, and Zurich Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland ranked 14 and 20 respectively.

The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) is announced by the Shanghai JiaoTong University annually. The ranking is determined by indicators such as Nobel Price, Field Award winning record (30%), number of researchers cited (20%), Nature/Science journal publication (20%), Science Citation/Index Social Science Citation Index thesis (20%), and per-capita academic evaluation (10%). ARWU releases detailed ranking up to 100th, and announces the rest in sections. 
ranking University Country Ranking Ranking in 2019 Progression
101-150 Seoul National University 1 101-150 -
201-300 Hanyang University 2-6 301-400
201-300 KAIST 2-6 201-300 -
201-300 Korea University 2-6 201-300 -
201-300 SungKyunKwan University 2-6 151-200
201-300 Yonsei University 2-6 201-300 -
301-400 Kyunghee University 7-9 301-400 -
301-400 Kyungpook National University 7-9 401-500
301-400 POSTECH 7-9 401-500

2020 Korean University Ranking (up to 400th)

Global News Team
Translation by: Lee Hee-jin
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