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08/25/2020 HYU News > Policy


COVID-19 Special Scholarship...All Students Will Receive 150,000 Won

Will be sent to individual accounts of eligible students in August without any additional registration

Global News Team

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In order to relieve the economic pressures of students and parents and to provide a stable education during the COVID-19 crisis, each student will be given a special scholarship of 150,000 won.

Hanyang University established a Communication Committee that pays attention to the voices of students regarding online classes and has a student representatives and head of the central department as members. During the meeting, the student representativse explained in detail the inconveniences and requirements of students, and the school headquarters tried to come up with a realistic support method by explaining the decreased earnings and changes in expenditures. As a result, they decided to provide the COVID-19 Special Scholarship."

The head of the central department in Hanyang university decided to maintain the fall semester grade scholarships and household difficulty funds as planned and prepared an additional 3 billion won through business restructuring, cutting operating costs, and donations from faculty and alumni.

The subjects of the payments are 11,980 students who did not receive a 100% support scholarship during the 2020 spring semester. Students who received a full-tuition scholarship from the school or an outside source, are on a leave of absence, have been expelled, or are delaying their degree cannot receive the scholarship. Students can check whether they are eligible for payment through Hanyang Portal – MY Home – Registration/Scholarship – Scholarship details.

Unlike other scholarships, the COVID-19 special scholarship does not require any additional registration. It will be sent to the personal accounts of students eligible for payment in August. However, deposits may not be possible if personal accounts are not registered in the Hanyang Portal or if account numbers are wrong or contain errors. Thus it is necessary to check if the account number is properly entered before August 21.

Hanyang University Communication Committee Chairman Professor Lee Sang-min said in his email to students to “please understand if there are inconveniences, although this is a support policy that considers the school’s current account situation,” and that “we will constantly listen to the many student voices through the Communication Committee in the future.” Detailed information can be checked through the Student Union homepage and the COVID-19 special scholarship announcement.
 ▲ Email sent to students, translation below

Good evening.

This is the chairman of the Communication Committee, Professor Lee Sang-min of the Division of Business Administration.

I would first like to send words of comfort during the difficulties you are facing due to COVID-19, a worldwide pandemic. Our campus was not exempt from the impact, so we have been dealing with the crisis through establishing our own Infectious Disease Control Committee and Good Class TFT/Hope Class TFT.

We have been trying our best for students’ safety assurance and education quality maintenance by running face-to-face classes while following the quarantine guidelines for experimental classes and several theoretical classes.

However, we have heard the voices of those asking for tuition refunds due to student inconveniences regarding online classes and not being able to spend time on campus. So, we established the Communication Committee that has a student representative and Headquarters faculty as members, as the students have required.

The student representatives explained in detail the discomforts students are facing, and the school headquarters explained the unexpected decrease in income and changes in expenditures by providing clear data. There were differences in opinion, but we tried to come up with a realistic solution amidst the crisis that nobody welcomed.
As a result, we decided to provide the COVID-19 Support Scholarship as detailed below.

1) Recipients of payment_ Students (including international students) who did not receive 100% full-tuition scholarships (including national, school-based, and non-school-based) for the spring semester of 2020.
* Non-registered returning students and students who have exceeded semesters are included in the scholarship support if they did not receive a 100% scholarship, but students on a leave of absence after paying for the tuition and those who have been expelled/dropped out are not included.
2) Amount of payment_ 150,000 won to each student
3) Sources of financing_ While maintaining the fall semester grade scholarships and household difficulty scholarships, 3 billion won from business restructuring, decreases in expenditures, and donations from faculty and alumni has been gathered
4) Method of payment_ Deposits to personal accounts
* Registration of personal accounts in the Hanyang Portal system by August 21 is required
Method of registration: Portal log in – Application – Registration/Scholarship – Personal Account Management
(For long-term non-used accounts, deposits may not be possible and availability checks are required)
5) Details can be obtained through the Portal announcement after 2020. 8. 19.

This support may not satisfy your expectations. However, we hope to be of at least a little help to you, so please understand if there are insufficiencies by considering the current school economic situation.

We will continue to listen to the voices of students through the Communication Committee. Furthermore, we will ensure safety in administering the fall semester and try our best to provide the best education to help students continue to grow. Thank you.
Hanyang University Communication Committee Chairman

Global News Team
Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

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