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05/15/2017 HYU News > General Important News


Project 'You Did a Great Job !'

“May our small effort give them a smile"


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On a hot afternoon in May, a group of students of Hanyang (HYU) wandered around the Seoul Campus. What was noticeable was a HY-Lion (a lion character symbolizing HYU), boasting its adorable and huggable appearance. With his friends holding a trashcan and a gift box, they had a special mission of their own in mind. News H followed along their short tour around the campus.
Giving people a positive message 
The whole team - (from the left) Kim Moses, Kim Dong-beom, Park Young-kwang, Kim Mary, and Li Mi-rae - pose for a picture.

Composed of a total of 5 members, the leader of the team, Park Young-kwang (Business Administration, 4th year), decided to cosplay HY-Lion. The rest of the members were Kim Dong-beom (Electronic Engineering, 2nd year) Kang Mary (Business Administration 1st year), Kim Moses (Chinese Language & Literature, 1st year) and Lee Mi-rae (Applied Art Education, 1st year).
Their project named “You did a great job” was a project initiated by a group assignment in a course called ‘Creativity and Communication’. Their group assignment was to choose one of the bucket lists of a teammate and try to actualize it. “After hearing each and every wish of our team member, the one from Kim Dong-beom, to say hi and shake hands with people passing by, was selected as the theme and goal of our project,” said Park.
The team's whole purpose was to give a boost of power to people they meet during the day.

One of the main reasons for initiating their project was the fact that Korea is the country with the longest working hours yet with the lowest happiness rate. “While it will be hard for us to change something very fundamental to the problem, we thought we could do something we can actually do. To visit them and encourage them and try to give them a smile,” said Park.
To specify their theme, they met at every Tuesday since the middle of the March to plan their project. “We definitely had ups and downs, as it was a first time for all of us to make such kind of project, we had to spend quite a time to negotiate and decide on what to do,” said Kim Dong-beom. Through several meetings, they decided that they would give two pieces of paper to people they meet in the campus. On one, they would write one of their worst memories and rip it off to throw in the trashcan. On the other paper, people would write their happiest memories to keep in the gift box.

Visiting members of HYU

An employee from the Center for Business Incubation is ripping her paper off to throw in the trash can.
After asking for cooperation in several offices in HYU, they visited the Global Entrepreneurship Center and Center for Business Incubation. Employees looked quite happily surprised from the sudden visit. “We are delighted to see these students coming to visit us. Not many students come to offices and I think this is great way to shorten the sense of distance between faculty members and students at HYU,” commented manager Cho Sung-eun.
After touring around several offices of HYU, they decided to move to Aejeemun, the HYU subway station, exit #2, where a lot of students come and go. Even on their way to Aejeemun, a lot of students and professors welcomed HY-Lion’s handshakes.
HY-Lion is shaking hands with passersby.

In front of Aejeemun, HY-Lion and his teammates were busy saying hello and handing out papers to students. Quite a lot of students gathered around them to participate in the project. “I first thought HY-Lion was really cute when I first saw it. I felt quite stressful today due to my presentation but writing it down and tearing it definitely helped me feel much better,” said one student.   

Happy memories to be kept
After a long day of working as a HY-Lion, leader of the team, Park is taking some rest.

While people’s ripped bad memories will be thrown away, their precious happy memories collected in the gift box will be kept. “We decided to keep them and read through all of it. After, we will pick some of it and display in a panel to exhibit to people. Of course, with no names on it,” said Park.
The rest of the team members also mentioned how it was difficult, though very rewarding. While giving people positive energy, they received the same energy from people as well. After hours of sending cheerful messages to people, the day of the team finally ended. “We hope more projects like ours will appear within campus, and if it does, we are more than willing to help,” said Park.  
HY-Lion with the students met in front of the Aejeemun.
"We just hope our little project gave people another reason to smile today."

Yun Ji-hyun
Photos by Moon Hana and Yun Ji-hyun
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