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05/22/2017 HYU News > General


3rd Cultural Properties Drawing Competition

Hanyang University Museum


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On the 20th of May, Hanyang University Museum held the 3rd Cultural Properties Drawing Competition for kindergarten and primary school children. The competition was held from 2 to 5 pm. After a short tour of the museum by the curators, the children drew the most interesting cultural properties that they enjoyed seeing. The results of the competition will be notified on the museum’s webpage and phone calls will be made to the winners individually on the 29th of May.
Tales of Individuals
As this competition is not well known to the public, a large number of participants have either not been able to join or chose not to. Although 30 students from the lower grade and the upper grade groups were expected to join, the number totaled 18 (9 from each group) students whose parents were associated with Hanyang University (HYU). With the help of Book 21 Chunga Books, the museum was able to provide gifts for participants of the competition.
Kim Young-san (left) and his big brother Kim Young-bin (right) are drawing skulls.

Each student had a tale to tell in relation to their drawing. Kim Kyu-hoon (Jamhyun Primary School, Grade 4) whose mother is a professor at the Department of Nursing decided to participate in this competition after seeing the advertisement on campus. “I am drawing about the slender bronze dagger although it’s not in the HYU museum. I will draw what I want,” added Kim. Not everything in life has to make sense nor do we have to answer questions in a logical way, and Kim seems to already know a lot. “I won the grand prize in the Science Creativity Contest held at Seoul National University of Education,” said Kim. Although not all questions asked of him add up, Kim enjoys telling stories about his life so far.
Kim (left) enjoys telling stories of his life and being new friends with Oh Jae-yoon (right).

The winner of the 1st Cultural Properties Drawing Competition has decided to participate for the second time. Nam Yeon-seo (Jungdeok Primary School, Grade 4), who participated in the lower grade division in the first competition, has now entered in the upper grade division. “I tried to depict primitive man cooking ramen in an earthenware,” said Nam. Nam’s parents were also proud for what their child created. “It doesn’t really matter if she wins this competition or not. The important thing is that we have another memory to remember,” said Nam’s mother.
Winner of the 1st competition Nam (left) with her mother.

HYU museum is not utilized by the students to its full capacitiy, which is what curators feel the saddest about. “The museum is not really popular among students mostly because students feel uncomfortable going to such places, but we would like them to realize that it could be a place they can visit and take a rest,” said Choi Hyo-young (curator at HYU Museum). Not only do they hold such competitions, but the museum also provides programs for middle school and high school students with job fairs and educational programs as well. High level of interest and participation of students towards HYU Museum would certainly brighten future prospects for the museum.
Kim Seung-jun
Photos by Moon Hana
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