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05/29/2017 HYU News > Event


[Hanyang Festival of 2017] How International Hanyangians Enjoy the Festival

2017 Hanyang Festival for global students


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This year’s festival organizers of Hanyang University- “HY-Five,” planned for a festival that everyone in school can enjoy. In the title “HY-Five,” there is a hidden significance of the five- cleaning laborers, sexual minorities, handicapped students, international students, and the lone students. Among those, the organizers prepared translated guidance for global students, as the OIA (Office of International Affairs) and other various school clubs arranged special events for them. News H covers on how International Hanyangians enjoyed this year’s festival. 


Global Saranghandae

Global Saranghandae is a group of international ambassadors managed by the OIA. This year, Global Saranghandae organized a special event for international students. Activities consisted of surveys for international students, SNS upload event, and present lottery. Also, the ambassadors explained about the 2017 HYU festival in various languages, especially about the location of each department and school club’s booth. 


International students are voting for the best event organized by HYU. 
(Photo courtesy of OIA)

"I am extremely glad that our school is improving in terms of service for foreigners. I especially enjoyed the Global Saranghandae's event, because I could fluently communicate with Hanyangians and get information," said Daniela (Division of International Studies, 4).
(Photo Courtesy of OIA)


Media Strategy Center 

Media Strategy Center prepared a special event for international students, which was giving out the school t-shirts after they solve quizzes. News H and Channel H managed by the Media Strategy Center, also organized events with English translations.  

"As HYU is preparing for events for international students, I feel more like I am a part of this school. I hope there will be more events like this," said Duke (Department of Computer Science, 4).

International students are enjoying the event prepared by News H.

As Global Hanyangians are increasing in Hanyang University, the student council and various school club associations cooperated to satisfy the demands. As the festival organizer "HY-Five" intended, 2017 HYU Festival was the party for all Hanyangians.

Kim Ju-hyun
Photos by Choi Yeon-jae

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