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05/29/2017 HYU News > Event > 포토뉴스


[Hanyang Festival 2017] Eat, Drink, and Enjoy!

Hanyang Festival of 2017


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The once desiccating sun is setting and cool evening breeze is blowing. Smells of barbeque is flowing and lights of booths are turning. People are busying themselves here and there in preparation for the outdoor pubs and game activities. With games and activities during the day and pubs and performances during the night, the festival seems exciting and lively.

Daytime Animation

During the day, games and amusement activities were set up in every corner of Hanmadang (Han Yard). By the name of High Five with the Booths, the planning committee this year has prepared five booths of funs and activities: escape-the-room game, hair chalk booth, Hanyang Land, eat-alone-competition, and Alohanyang. Among the five, the most popular booth seemed to be the escape-the-room game, as far more than expected students visited the booth and protracted the activity for a day longer. Hair chalk booth was big hit, too, as many people were interested in coloring their hair free from damage and permanency. In Hanyang Land, there were a mini Viking ride, punch-machine, and bubble wrestling.
Mission: escape the room by solving the puzzles with given clues in the room!
Question: who is the murderer?
Screams of students echoed the nearby area of the viking ride.
Males and females, both were dying their hair with chalk of their favorite colors.
Bubble wrestling! Don't tumble down before your enemy!
Students from Alohanyang campaigning for fine language throughout the festival.

Other booths set up by various clubs also offered games and activities along the track. Table tennis, archery, face painting, and baseball were situated in corners of the pathway.
Intense exchanges of the ball went on at the table tennis booth.
The master of archery teaching a participating student how to aim the bull’s eye.
Friends drawing on each other’s face at the face painting booth.
Baseball booth enjoyed batting and pitching.
Random survey: vote with your trash, which one do you prefer?

Nighttime Festivity

During the night, outdoor pubs and kiosks of barbeque and cocktail were attracting lines and lines of students. The smell of barbeque sticks and the music of outdoor pubs seemed spirited and youthful, as everyone was eating, drinking, talking, singing, and socializing as a big group. Going a little uphill toward the outdoor theater, swarm of people were gathered around the stage, as they longed to see a famous idol group Girlfriend. Cheers and shouts for their desired celebrity was well heard across the area and the performance even invigorated the crowd louder and stronger.

Grilled chicken stick is being ready to be served.
"If you win me with rock-sissor-paper, I will give you a glow-in-the-dark bracelet for free!"
The outdoor pub is bustling with students hanging out with their friends.
A cocktail kiosk selling various kinds of drinks.
Students in charge of preparing food at the outdoor pub is busy with their duties.
Girls group Girlfriend on the stage of the outdoor theater.
Everyone is eager to see the celebrity closer, busy taking pictures and filming the performance.
The end of the performance! Everyone have a safe and enjoyable night!

Jeon Chae-yun
Photos by Choi Min-ju

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