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01/21/2020 HYU News > Performance > 순위&선정


University Brand Reputation Analysis Has Hanyang in Second Place

The analytics of January 2020: Hanyang remains within the 5th place among all university brand reputation analytics


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Hanyang University took second place according to the university brand reputation for the January 2020 big data analysis. 

The Korean Enterprise Reputation Research Center analyzed 179,344,967 data from December 7th, 2019 to January 8th, 2020 to analyze brand big data from universities beloved by domestic consumers.

The university brand reputation index analyzes consumers’ digital behaviors through a participation index, media index, communication index, and community index via a reputation analysis algorithm. Based on this, it measures the positive and negative analyses, media interest, the participation and communication of consumers, and the amount of communication on social media.

Looking at the Top 5 in the January 2020 university brand reputation, Hanyang University took second place, following Seoul National University. Kyung Hee University, Yonsei University, and Korea University followed after Hanyang University.

Ranks Brand Participation Index Media Index Communication Index Community Index Brand Index
1 Seoul National University 1,537,877 1,499,316 3,426,439 643,240 7,106,872
2 Hanyang University 2,725,847 303,463 2,808,651 251,147 6,089,108
3 Kyung Hee University 2,147,155 331,211 2,782,949 270,971 5,532,287
4 Yonsei University 1,520,748 607,635 2,623,040 331,102 5,082,526
5 Korea University 1,473,034 600,985 2,524,961 349,126 4,948,107
Hanyang University’s brand was analyzed as △participation index 2,725,847 △media index 303,463 △communication index 2,808,651 △community index 251,147 and △brand reputation index 6,089,108. Comparing the brand index of 2020 to that of 5,457,340 of 2019, it increased by 11.58%.

Starting from fifth-place in the July 2017 brand reputation, it remained within the top 5 of all university brand reputations. It showed an increasing trend for three months as it ranked fourth in November 2019, third in December, and second in January 2020. It was the second time to be ranked second after October 2019.

The Korean Enterprise Reputation Research Center announces brand reputation analysis data monthly. Around 100 universities were included alongside Hanyang University in this January 2020 university brand reputation.

Global News Team
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