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11/25/2019 HYU News > Performance > 순위&선정


Top 1,000 Company CEO… Hanyang University Graduates Comprises 4th Place

Unicosearch announcement… Hanyang University affiliated 80 CEOs


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Hanyang University produced the 4th largest number of CEOs, according to research of affiliated universities of CEOs from 1,000 local companies. Unicosearch, a global headhunting professional company, analyzed the affiliated universities of 1,328 CEOs in 1,000 top domestic companies in 2019, and CEOs who graduated from Hanyang University summed up to 80 in numbers.

Seoul National University had the highest number of CEOs with 202, followed by Yonsei University (101), Korea University (88), Hanyang University (80), and Sungkyunkwan University (38). Hanyang University comprised 6% of the total.

The announcement by Unicosearch has been the first since 6 years ago in 2013, and a form of escape-academic clique phenomenon has been analyzed, as the ratio of prestigious top universities has dropped. Additionally, it has been proven through statistics that the ratio of ‘origin of natural sciences and engineering’ is steadily increasing. The ratio of CEOs from the natural sciences and engineering field was 43% in 2010, 43.9% in 2011, 44.4% in 2012, 45.3% in 2013, and 51.6% in 2019, exceeding over half the percentage this year. However, the largest number from one major was still ‘business administration (21.5%), followed by mechanical engineering (6.8%), and electronic engineering (6.7%).

The Global News Team   -
*Translation by Kim Hyun-soo
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