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12/04/2019 HYU News > Performance > 순위&선정


Hanyang University 1st on the ‘2019 South Korea Private Universities Social Responsibility Index’

Announced by Le Monde diplomatique: A+ on 5 indexes out of a total of 7


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Hanyang University was selected as the most socially responsible university among the nation's private universities in 2019. Hanyang University topped the ‘2019 South Korea private universities social responsibility index,’ according to the report by Le Monde diplomatique announced on November 29th.

The ‘2019 South Korea private universities social responsibility index’ is a comprehensive evaluation of private universities co-designed and implemented by Le Monde diplomatique·Korea Society Responsibility Network·Korea CSR Laboratory. Unlike general university evaluations, the social responsibility index is an indicator of communication and co-prosperity, such as the conditions under which professors and students can communicate in class, the ratio of temporary workers, based on the perception that universities are social institutions for students, professors, faculty, and the community. It was conducted on 151 private universities across the country and was evaluated in seven categories: Labor (100) ·Human Rights (100) ·Students (250) · Community (150) ·Environment (100) ·Fairness (150) ·and Governance (150), and the score was given out of a perfect 1,000 points.

Hanyang University received 690.73 points out of a total of 1,000, making it the most socially responsible private university in 2019. The top 10 universities were followed by Pohang University of Science and Technology, Hallym University, Ewha Womans University, Korea University of Technology and Education, Sungkyunkwan University, Yonsei University, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Konyang University and Keimyung University. Yonsei University, which had topped the list for two consecutive years until last year, was relegated to seventh place. While the top 10 universities generally performed well in labor, students and governance, the fairness portion was found to be below expectations, with seven universities receiving a grade of C or below. In particular, the student sector, with the highest scores of 250 points, received generally high marks, a glimpse into the tendency to place importance on responsibility for students who are central to the university.
Hanyang University, having positioned itself in 1st place, received an A+ rating in five categories, excluding human rights and fairness. Compared with last year, there was a rise in the labor, community, and environment sectors. It has been confirmed that the students received a perfect score in terms of the education cost per student and the proportion of students dispatched to foreign universities. In the labor sector, Hanyang received a perfect score in terms of the detailed indicators of employment and labor costs. Also, while Hanyang received perfect scores in the governance detail indicators such as donations, appropriateness of education funds for the current term, and financial support restricted university, it also demonstrated deficiencies in the fairness category.

According to the announced article of Le Monde diplomatique, Ahn Chi-yong from the Korea CSR Laboratory said, “The perception that not only students, professors, and faculty, but also other members of society should fulfill their responsibilities to universities as members of the community is spreading.” He went on to say, “In addition to this perception, we are conducting environmental assessment despite the lack of data as we view importance of taking care of environmental issues as citizens of the world.
*Related sources: Le Monde diplomatique(

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