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05/02/2019 HYU News > Performance


Number of firms managed by CEOs who are Hanyang Graduates, 1st in nation

Largest in nation with 2,153 companies in the startup field


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The number of companies run by CEOs who are graduates of Hanyang University is the highest in nation with 10,213 corporations (as of December 2018). This is 1.8 times larger than the average compared to the 6 major universities (Korea University, Sogang University, Seoul National University, Sungkyunkwan University, Yonsei University, and KAIST).
According to the 2018 Hanyang Alumni Company Achievement Survey report that Hanyang University announced on April 26th, the 10,213 corporations contributed to the employment of around 720,000 people and sales of $573 billion annually (33.1% of Korean GDP). Of those, 334 companies went public in the securities market. The report was written in order to grasp the fruit of alumni corporations and for systematic startup support with reference to KED, the biggest domestic corporate credit rating agency.
Hanyang University showed strength in the field of startups (companies established within the last 7 years) as well. There were 2,153 companies with CEOS who graduated from Hanyang University (December of 2018), recording first place among domestic universities. This is 1.5 times larger than the 6 major universities, and these companies hired 20,979 people and created annual profits of over 9.2 trillion won.
Meanwhile the distribution by industry of alumni companies was the largest in the areas of manufacturing, wholesale, and retail, while the ratio of machinery, equipment, and electronic components was high among manufacturing companies. In addition, the representatives' majors was significantly higher in engineering fields at about 64%.
Hanyang President Kim Woo-seung said, “The results of this survey show that graduates and members of Hanyang University have been taking a core role in national economic growth and the creation of employment through challenging startups and business administration activities. We will actively provide support in order to foster many innovative startup companies with global competitiveness like Google and Apple.”


Translation by Kim Hyun-soo
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