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09/18/2019 HYU News > Performance


74 Research Institutes, including Hanyang University, Selected for the ‘2019 Human Science Research Institute Support Project’

Several of Hanyang's institutes selected under the new criteria for the Ministry's support project


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74 research institutes including university affiliated research institutes, such as the Hanyang University Tourism Research Institute, the Music Research Center, and the Institute for Knowledge Services, have been newly selected for the Ministry of Education’s Human Science Research Institute Support Project.

The Ministry of Education and the National Research Foundation of Korea announced the following notice in the ‘2019 Human Science Research Institute Support Project’ through the new selection results.

Previously, the Ministry of Education had been promoting the research support project since 1980 to university affiliated research institutes in order to create excellent research achievements as well as the construction of a research base through characterization and specialization of research institutes.

In particular, the Ministry of Education presented its plan for reform of the ‘2019 Human Science Field Research Institute Support Project’ during the ‘Academy of Humanities and Social Life Establishment Measure’ last April. The new selection criteria for the ‘2019 Human Science Field Research Institute Support Project’ was classified by △strategic region research type △pure academic research type △problem solving type and △education connection type. The target for support has also been expanded from existing university affiliated research institutes to domestic, general research institutions.

The object of a strategic region research type is to foster local experts and to perform area studies research from a national, strategic perspective, including new Northern and Southern policies. Four research institutes, Kyunghee University Korean history · Archeology Research Institute, Pai Chai University Korea-Siberia Center, Sogang University Donga Research Institute, and Chonbuk National University Southeast Asian Research Institute, have been selected.

Pure academic research type aims for the translation of humanities and the social science foundation studies and foreign scientific book, as well as transforming the database. Thirty-five research institutes, besides Hanyang University's Tourism Research Institute and the Music Research Center were selected, including Hankuk University of Foreign Studies' Eastern Europe Vulcan Research Institute, Hansung University's Human Science Researcher, University of Seoul's Urban Humanities Research Institute, Seoul National University's Western Classics Research Institute, Inha University's Koreanology Research Institute, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies' Japan Research Institute, Yeungnam University's National Culture Research Institute, Jeju National University's Tamra Culture Research Institute, Chonnam National University's Philosophy Research Education Center, Dong-A University's Gender Affect Research Institute, Kangwon National University's Human Science Research Institute, Korea University's affiliated Chinese Character Research Institute, Seoul National University's German Cultural Area Research Institute, Dongguk University's Chinese Studies Research Institute, The Catholic University of Korea's Humanities and Social Science Research Institute, Jeju National University's Human Sciences Research Institute, Kunsan National University's Urban Humanities Center, Chonbuk National University's Social Science Research Institute, Chonbuk National University's Humanities Korean Rice·Life·Civilization Researcher, Chungnam National University's National Policy Research Institute, Korea University of Technology and Education's Technological Innovation Management Research Institute, Yonsei University's Social Science Research Institute, Kyungpook National University's Social Science Researcher, Duksung Women's University's Human Science Research Institute, Gyeongsang National University's Human Rights Social Development Research Institute, Kyungsung University's E-sports Cognitive Behavior Research Institute, Ewha Womans University's Korean Culture Research Institute, Kongju National University's Community Development Research Institute and the Jeongam School.

The problem solving type is the follow-up measure of the ‘Establishment Measure of Academy of Humanities and Social Life.’ The purpose is to cultivate a research institute that presents a human-social solution in the face of a nation or society’s matter. 15 research institutes, including Incheon National University's Incheon 학 Research Institute, Sunmoon University's Literature 이후 Research Institute, Inha University's Industrial Security E-governance Center, Dongguk University's Population and Society Research Center, Konkuk University's immigration·Social Integration Research Institute, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies' Media Communication Research Institute, Chungbuk National University's International Development Research Institute, Sunmoon University's Global Sustainable Development Economy Research Institute, Changwon National University's Social Science Research Institute, Daejeon University's Military Defense Research Institute, Inha University's Sports Art Fusion Research Institute, Dong-A University's Legal Institute, Chungnam National University's Science Technology Knowledge Research Institute, Aggregate Corporation Asia Peace and History Research Institute, and Yonsei University's Cognitive Science Research Institute.

The Education connection type was newly built this year. It supports universities to autonomously innovate university education, in guidance with the ‘University Innovation Support Measure’ from the Ministry of Education. It also aims to develop elementary, middle, and high school education curriculums and textbooks. The 20 selected institutes are as follows: Hanyang University's (ERICA) Knowledge Service Research Institute, Seoul National University's Arts and Culture Research Institute, Gachon University's Asian Culture Research Institute, Daegu University's Humanities and Education Research Institute, Sookmyung Women's University's Culture and Basic Education Research Institute, Dankook University's Liberal Arts Fundamental Education Research Institute, Yonsei University's Liberal Arts Fundamental Education Research Institute, The Catholic University of Korea's Anthropology Research Institute, Korea National University of Education's Fusion Education Research Institute, Jeju National University's Science Technology Society Research Center, Daegu Catholic University's Multicultural Researcher, Tongmyong University's Creative·Character Research Institute, Honam University's Humanities and Social Sciences Research Institute, Keimyung University's International Studies Research Institute, Dong-Eui University's Dignitas Liberal Arts Education Research Institute, Chung-Ang University's Multicultural Contents Research Institute, Seokyeong University's Design Research Institute, Dongseo University's Asia Future Design Research Institute and Jeju National University's Marine Sports Center.

A total of around 1.2 billion won in research funds will be provided to the 74 new research institutes, consisting of 200 million won in average annually for a maximum of six years (3+3years) per research institute. Also, humanities and social science research institutes supported by the Ministry of Education have drastically expanded from 110 last year to 171 (among those, 97 will be continuously funded).

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