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10/23/2019 HYU News > Performance > 순위&선정


14 Hanyang University Graduates Finally Accepted in 2019 Public Administration Examination 5th Level Technical Post

Strong points in Architecture· machinery · civil engineering, successful candidates in diverse posts behind Seoul National University


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 Hanyang University produced the second highest number of successful candidates with 14 accepted in this year’s 5th level open recruitment public administration examination(technical post). 

The Law Journal disclosed that among the 66(national recruitment 58 people, regional recruitment 8 people) who were ultimately successful in the 2019 5th level open recruitment technical post announced on October 2nd, Seoul National University comprised the first place with 18 (27.3%) accepted. Subsequently Hanyang University had 14(21.2%), Yonsei University 13 (19.7%), Korea University 10 (15.2%), KAIST 3, Soongsil University 2, and University of Seoul·Pukyong National University·Pusan National University·Sogang University·Sungkyunkwan University·Inha University had 1 person accepted in the open recruitment.
Hanyang University leaped forward as the second place from 9 successful candidates last year to 14 this year. Hanyang showed strong points in architecture, machinery and civil engineering fields, and produced 3 successful applicants respectfully. Besides, Hanyang University had those accepted from various posts such as chemical(화공), communication, data processing, agriculture and disaster prevention.

Meanwhile, the average age of successful candidates in the technical post was 26.7, which is 0.7 years lower than last year (27.4). Ages from 25 to 29 were the highest with 39 people (59.1%), ages 20 to 24 had 16(24.2%), ages 30 to 34 had 9 people(13.7%) and there were 2 people over 35(3.0%). Also, there were 18 female successful candidates (27.3%).

Translation by: Kim Hyun-soo
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