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06/17/2018 HYU News > Performance > 출신대학


Among the top 100 companies, six CEOs are from Hanyang University

Hyundai management surveyed the educational background of 123 CEOs


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Hanyang University ranked fourth in number of CEO executives in the top 100 companies in Korea.

In May, Hyundai Management analyzed the age and educational background of 123 CEOs, excluding foreign CEOs, among the top 100 companies (excluding financial, insurance, and public corporations).

The results showed that Hanyang University has produced six CEOs, ranking 4th among major universities in Korea. 

Seoul National University had the largest number of CEOs (29, 23.6%), followed by Korea University (22, 17.9%), Yonsei University  (17, 13.8%), Hanyang University (6, 4.9%), and Sungkyunkwan University (5, 4.1%).

The Academic Backgrounds of CEOs among the Top 100 Corp. (Unit: people)
Seoul National University 29
Korea University 22
Yonsei University 17
Hanyang University 6
Sungkyunkwan University 5
Yeungnam University · Inha University 4 each
Kyungpook University · Kyunghee University · Pusan National University 3 each
Konkuk University · Dankook University · Sogang University · Ulsan University · Chungang University · Chungnam University 2 each
Kangwon National University, Dongguk University, Donga University, Myongji University, Ajou University, Jeju University, Jeju University · Korea Broadcasting Network · New York State University · Boston University · American University · Iowa State University, UCLA, Yale University 1 each
Others 1
Total 123

The results of this study, in terms of their majors, are summarized as follows: Business Administration (38), Chemical Engineering (10), Economics (7), Shipbuilding Engineering (6), and Mechanical Engineering and Electronics Engineering (5 each).
The average age was 59.71 years. By age group, the number of people has been indicated as follows: over 70 years (7 people), 65~69 (10 people), 60~64 (45 people), 55 ~ 59 (47 people) , and 45~49 (4 people).

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