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06/21/2020 Special > Special


The Successful Finish of the Software-Up! Idea-Thon

A big adventure for future start-up entrepreneurs


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The 4th Annual Software-Up! Idea-thon at ERICA Campus ended in success. From May 11 to May 30, the ERICA Campus students participating in the competition came up with innovative ideas for creative business models and presented them in front of the judges. The topic of this year’s contest was "Solving societal problems with revolutionary ideas using Software (SW) and Information and Communication Technology (ICT)," and was the first of the Idea-thon events to be held online. The grand prize winner was the team who came up with "Today’s Side Dishes."
The 4th Annual Software-Up! Idea-thon at ERICA Campus was held online, allowing the applicants and the judges to break free of the confines of time and space to hold more efficient mentoring sessions.
(Photo courtesy of Lim) 

Due to the increasing importance of software during the Fourth Industrial Revolution, ERICA Campus has been holding Software-Up! Idea-thons in order to invigorate SW start-ups. Lim Kum-soon (ERICA Campus SW Start-Up Support Team) explained that this year’s contest was particularly special because of the 'untact ' method it used. ERICA Campus’s Software-Up! Idea-thon is the first contest in Korea to use online platforms in every process of the contest such as team-building, idea deduction, business plans, and mentoring in order to avoid human contact as much as possible.

Lim said conducting the entire contest online was not without difficulties. “Due to the lack of available equipment that was needed for seamless streaming and appropriate studios, the SW-Centered University Project Group had to invent a web platform of its own to host the contest without any lag.” Nonetheless, with the new platform, the advantages of an online contest surfaced, as applicants were able to proceed with team mentoring most efficiently without being confined by time and space. “The applicants were able to analyze their target demographic in greater depth, presenting higher-quality results than ever,” said Lim.

This year’s grand prize winner was the team ACT-SOFT. Their invention was titled "Today’s Side Dishes," and it connects busy modern people with small business owners to help them be regularly supplied with side-dishes suited to their tastes. ACT-SOFT accurately targeted a niche market and helped the business owners who were financially troubled by the recent economic recess caused by the breakout of the coronavirus.

The grand-prize winner of this year's contest was the team ACT-SOFT with "Today’s Side Dishes" service.
(Photo courtesy of Lim)

Wrapping up the contest, Lim says the SW-Centered University Project Group aims to vitalize start-ups for youths by holding SW start-up capstone design classes and initiating as many Idea-thons, Maker-thons, and SW Engineering Schools as possible in the future. He also offered words of encouragement to the students who entered the contest to always be ready to adapt to the changing times. “I hope students in their twenties are less afraid of solving problems in their own creative ways, which is the essence of initiating a start-up. Getting involved in start-ups, whether it be managing, marketing, production, or finance and accounting, will help them increase their problem-solving skills."

Lee Yoon-seo 
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