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11/11/2019 HYU News > General


Creativity Achieved Through Practice

Kim Min-sik – a drama producer, blogger, writer, and YouTube creator


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Kim Min-sik (the Department of Earth Resources and Environmental Engineering, ‘92) was a student who spent a lot of time in the theaters. His interest in drama started with external motivation. “I had a crush with this girl who enjoyed watching plays,” Kim said. “Even though I was dumped by the girl, watching plays became a casual activity and stayed out until now.” And this is what has motivated Kim to become a successful content creator – as a producer, blogger, writer, and YouTube creator.
Providing the right atmosphere – as a producer

He joined the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) as a television program producer in 1996. Kim mostly directed sitcoms and romantic comedies during his twenty-three-year career, including New Nonstop (2000), which was well received to have set the standard for Korean sitcoms, and My Wife is a Superwoman (2009), which earned him producer of the year in the Paeksang Arts Awards. “A program is a product of collaboration,” claimed Kim. “People I work with have their unique talent – either as an actor, a dramatist, or a cinematographer. What a producer should do is provide the atmosphere to be fully involved in the work.”
Kim Min-sik (Department of Earth Resources and Environmental Engineering, ‘92) is a drama producer who is well-known for directing My Wife is a Superwoman (2009).

Another way of storytelling – as a blogger

Kim also described himself as a storyteller. “The essence of my job is to deliver a message,” said the storyteller. “I did not want to limit my boundary to drama. That is why I use social media to communicate with people.” Kim runs a blog that accounts for his interests, such as learning English, reading books, and traveling. With his habit of writing notes, he posts articles regularly. Kim stated that his blogs are for those who want to enjoy their pastime without spending money. “You need not suffer to enjoy your life,” Kim said. “I hope my posts provide some alternative ways.”
Kim runs his blog, Free To the World, in order to deliver his messages.

When dreams come true – as a writer

Kim had the dream of becoming a writer ever since he was young. His blog served as a means to achieve his goal. Kim collected his posts and published a few books – some of which became bestsellers. Above all, he recommended Have You Ever Memorized an English textbook? to students of Hanyang. This book, which was published in 2017, has become a steady-seller for young adults who are trying to learn the basics of English. “The book deals with my experiences of learning English when I was in college,” Kim explained. “People often give up and blame the environment. You cannot change your environment, but you can break your habits. That is my message.”
Kim recommended his book Have You Ever Memorized an English textbook? to students of Hanyang.

A new challenge – as a YouTube creator

Kim went on to a new challenge this June – to the world of YouTube content creation. Kim opened a YouTube channel named Back-to-back Subscriptions in collaboration with CBS’s Sebasi Talk. Kim introduces a series of book reviews, which are interconnected with each other. “What makes a difference between a YouTube clip and a television program is the instant reaction," said Kim. “I receive more direct feedback from the viewers on YouTube. This motivates me to provide more informative content with responsibility.” Kim expects his videos to arouse a chain of extensive reading.
Kim opened up his YouTube channel named Back-to-back Subscriptions where he mainly does book reviews.

Some say that people are born with creativity. However, Kim Min-sik seems to prove that creativity is achieved through practice – as he presents the most entertaining content as a consequence of good work habits.

Oh Kyu-jin
Photos by Lee Hyeon-seon
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