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10/22/2019 HYU News > Event


Hanyang Successfully Concludes its '2019 Actual Startup Education,' 1st Session, Final Demo Day

Present conditions and Strategies for effective IR presentations took place


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The Hanyang University Startup Support Foundation successfully finished the '2019 Actual Startup Education, 1st Session, Final Demo Day' that was from October 11th to October 12th. In this demo day event, 37 Lean Startup participants and team members joined. Announcements of present conditions and presentation strategy for effective IR (Investor Relations) briefing, mentoring for IR planning, and IR presentations took place during the event. 

Furthermore, the opportunity to discuss problems that came up during the market proof stage and review business models from the perspective of cooperative evaluators were given, with the help of invited experts who could invest the initial seed money, such as accelerators or VC's (Venture Capitalists). All of the participants were provided with the chance to pitch and network with external VCs.

On the first day of the event, 20 companies in the first session presented their current status of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Choi Kyung-chul (a professor of Hanyang University), Lee Hyung-min (a CEO of SpaceJump), and Kim Cheol-ho (a CEO of WisePM) were in charge of evaluation and provided alternatives after the final announcements. After that, 5 companies formed a team according to their business items, and individual mentoring took place. Executive Son Hee-cheol (an executive of the Korea Business Environment Institute), Gwon Hyuk-jung (CEO of ProPR), Joo Myeong-gyu (CEO of Cafe24), and Team Manager Jeong Sun-shik talked with the participants about the components and core parts of IR business planning, and how to pick a core keyword.

On the second day, the IP planning presentation took place, where students prepared after the mentoring session. The panels for evaluations consisted of Lee Jeong-ho (MashupAngels), Jeong Seok-min (CompanyKPartners), Yoon Ye-seop (Mega investment). The panel was in search of △merchandizing potential, sales revenue, and its relevance in market analysis, and △the imitability of rival companies, technological differentiation, market entrance and rationality of pivot strategies.

Hanyang Global News Team           
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