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10/31/2019 HYU News > Event > 글로벌


President Kim Woo-seung visits 4 Japanese universities to discuss exchange and cooperation

Visits Waseda, Osaka, Kindai, and Tokai University for 3 days from October 23


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President Kim Woo-seung and Vice President of International Affairs Yoon Jong-seung visited partner universities in Japan for three days to discuss exchange and industry-university cooperation.

During this visit to Japan, Hanyang officials visited Waseda University, Osaka University, Kindai University, Tokai University to discuss the strategic topics of each university.

At Waseda University, the status and management system of international students were introduced. Also, officials discussed the English track operation, benchmarking of the AI Center, and how to adapt these elements in Hanyang University. At Osaka University, they met representatives from the International and Technical Research Departments to discuss ways to promote active exchange in research between the two universities. It was agreed that both universities will conduct research cooperation through analysis of research fields from outstanding professors from both universities. At Kindai University, officials had a campus tour and reviewed the introduction of an open library book purchasing system. At Tokai University, officials gave a special lecture entitled, “Innovative Higher Education in Hanyang University” and presented the IC-PBL education of Hanyang University. The interview with the President and Chairman of Tokae University, on this day, further strengthened the educational relationship between the two universities, which dates back to 1990, and discussed ways to expand academic exchange in the future.

▲ The visit to Tokai University

▲ The visit to Osaka University

▲ The visit to Kindai University

                                                    Hanyang Global News Team      -
                                                                *translation by Park Hye-jeong
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