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05/26/2020 HYU News > Event


2020 Spring Semester Career Special Lecture Held Live and Online

Conducted from May 18 to 27 through ZOOM video conference... dealing with employment trend, company analyzation, interview guide all at once

Global News Team

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The Hanyang University Global Career Development Center started the 2020 Spring Semester Career Special Lecture on May 18, which was conducted online via live streaming.

This special lecture that was held from May 18 to May 27 was divided into four different steps of "Ready, Take Off, Real Game, and Finish," and lectures on work types such as production, sales, R&D, and business management were also prepared. Students who registered could view the lecture through the online video chat program Zoom.

There are four different types of lecture contents for each step. From the first step, Ready, the lecture dealt with employment trends, 'the second, Take Off, focused on company analyzation and special lectures for different work types, and the third and fourth steps, Real Game and Finish, presented special content on cover letters and interviews.

This online career special lecture covered every aspect of employment, and lasted around 3 hours. The lecture was an academic program targeting seniors and 2020 graduates as its major audience, but all students were allowed to register regardless of their year of school.

The program accepted up to 500 applicants in order of registration, from HY-CDP - Career Development Program (QUICK MENU). Students who registered were given an individual Kakao Talk alarm with a shared URL, conference number, and passcode, which allowed access to the online lecture room.

Also, those that participated in the program received an extra point on HELP. Outlines and specific lecture notes can be viewed on the website of the Hanyang University Career Development Center.
▲Career Development Center 2020 Spring Semester Career Special Lecture Outline (Contributed by Career Development Center Website)

▶ Take a closer look at the Career Development Center '2020 Spring Semester Online Career Special Lecture'

Global News Team
Translation by: Lee Won-young
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