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02/06/2020 HYU News > Academics


Hanyang University-Ground X, Publicly Opened a Blockchain Master's Course on 'Smart Contract and Decentralized Application' Lecture

Successfully conducted lectures such as the motion fundamentals of the self-developed platform, 'Klaytn'

Global News Team

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Hanyang University and Ground X have announced on the 31st that they are publicly opening full lectures on the 'Smart Contract and Decentralized Application' for free, aiming for the general development of blockchain technology and human resources regarding the field.

Last year, Hanyang University made an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) joint business agreement with Ground X and opened formal master's degree lectures for the development of blockchain education and joint research. Korea's biggest company in the messenger industry, Kakao Corporation, supported the work, having the goal of creating education and joint researches that nurture future blockchain developers.

The 'Smart Contract and Decentralized Application' lecture was held for a total of 15 weeks, starting from September of 2019, providing an education covering various contents, such as basic concepts and structure of blockchain, motion fundamentals of Ground X's self-developed platform Klaytn, consensus mechanism, smart contracts and more.

Areas such as blockchain application training based on real-life examples, or methods to improve the UI (User Interface)·UX (User Experience) of blockchain services were also covered in the lecture. The lecture was held by the Evangelist Engineer of Ground X, Kim Woo-joong. The lecture is open to any student or developers interested in a blockchain platform and blockchain application development, which can be found at the IT technology education platform 'InfLearn' or 'Ground X Youtube Channel'. 

Kim Woo-joong Ground X Evangelist mentioned that "it was very memorable to give the lecture that covers not only the basic concepts of blockchain but also the experiences and business knowledge based on various scenarios that happen in the real-life business environment." He also noted that "since the whole Hanyang University lecture is opened online for free, I hope that it helps many people that are interested in Klaytn and development and operation of blockchain application."
Logo of Hanyang University and Kakao's blockchain affiliate 'Ground X'
Screenshot of the lecture that is open to the public on Youtube

Watch lecture video of Ground X (Youtube) :

Global News Team
Translated by: Lee Wonyoung

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