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04/27/2020 HYU News > Performance


2020 THE World University Impact Rankings Announcement… Hanyang University Ranked 91st in the World

Second place in Korea… Evaluated by 17 indicators of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Global News Team

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The 2020 THE World University Impact Ranking has been announced. Hanyang University ranked 91st in the world with a combined score of 84.1 and ranked among the top 100. It is second only to Yonsei University in Korea.

The "World University Impact Rankings," which THE (Times Higher Education) has been carrying out since 2019, evaluates and ranks universities around the world every year across the 17 categories of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations. The 2020 second evaluation was conducted for 857 universities in 89 countries, with 17 domestic universities also participating. Evaluation criteria increased to 17 from 11 last year, reflecting all 17 indicators of the UN SDGs.

THE World University Impact Rankings website
 ▲ THE World University Impact Rankings results announcement: ranking by the indicators of Hanyang University in 2019 and 2020

First of all, the University of Auckland in New Zealand has topped the list for two consecutive years. It is also notable that Sydney University, Western Sydney University, and Latrobe University of Australia ranked second to fourth, in that order. Arizona State University in the U.S. ranked fifth, and there were no Asian universities in the top 10.

In terms of domestic rankings, Yonsei University ranked the highest at 47th. Hanyang University ranked 91st and Kyungpook National University ranked 99th, which put the three universities in the top 100. In the field of "industrial innovation and infrastructure," in which Korean universities show high performance, seven universities were listed in the top 100 list, including Yonsei University in 3rd, Kyungpook National University in 13th, Hanyang University in 18th, and Chungnam National University in 40th. In the field of "quality jobs and economic growth" category, some universities ranked within the top 100 list such as Yonsei University in 5th, Kyunghee University in 41st, and Hanyang University in 49th, while in the "gender equality" category, Ewha Womans University ranked 50th, and in the "clean water and sanitation" field, Kyunghee University ranked 22nd, and Hanyang University was 32nd.

 ▲ Checking Hanyang University by region in the THE homepage

Hanyang University entered the top 100 by jumping to 91 from the previous year's 101st-200th range. Among the detailed indicators, the index ranked 92nd in ending hunger, 32nd in clean water and sanitation, 49th in quality jobs and economic growth, 18th in building infrastructure and expanding industrialization, 84th in addressing inequality, 86th in creating sustainable cities and residences, 72nd in responding to changes in donations, and 75th in protecting water resources. However, apart from the overall ranking increase, individual indicators are showing a downward trend compared to the previous year.

Meanwhile, according to a Maeil Business newspaper article from April 23 reporting the results of the domestic evaluation, Phil Bati, editor of THE, said, "Universities in Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Mexico are also ranked among the top 100 influential universities in the world, meaning that traditional barriers such as wealth and research reputation are not a problem when making achievements for sustainable growth for mankind."

* THE World University Impact Rankings homepage
* [[Hanyang Wiki]] THE World University Impact Rankings세계대학영향력순위

Global News Team
Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

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