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03/26/2020 Special > Special > 포토뉴스


[Photo] 8 Scenic Points of Hanyang

Eight beautiful spaces that represent Hanyang

Global News Team

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Hanyang Pal-kyung (漢陽八景, 8 Scenic Points of Hanyang) has connected 8 beautiful viewpoints within the campus. Hanyang members can take a walk around the Dulle-gil when they are tired from their work and studies, and those who are visiting the school for the first time can easily learn about Hanyang University. Let's learn about the viewpoints within the course, the "8 Scenic Points of Hanyang."


View 1. The Lion's Rumble

▲Lion statue in front of the Administration Building is the starting point of the Dulle-gil.


View 2. Memorial Stone's Reflection

▲The symbol of Hanyang's spirit of humanities can be seen in the middle of the 158 stairs.

View 3. Namsan's Twilight

▲Located on the back terrace of the College of Humanities. The place is known for its beautiful night view.

View 4. Riverside's Night Lights

▲A view of Jungnangcheon and Cheonggyechen being merged

View 5. War Horse's Tracks

▲Trail in front of the Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library are grounds where the Majodan of the Joseon Dynasty used to be located.

View 6. Haengwon Park Stroll

▲Conversations being made on the hill of Haengdangdong. Haengwon Park in front of the School of Business

View 7. Outdoor Stadium's Youthful Energy

▲Photograph of Track and Field in March 2020. Due to the construction, the view cannot be seen yet. 

View 8. The Amphitheater's Cheers

▲The amphitheater in front of the Chung Mong-Koo Automotive Research Center is a place filled with the romance of campus life.

Global News Team
Translated by: Lee Wonyoung

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