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2020-08 20

[Alumni]Alumnus Kang Young-min, the New Representative Director of Gold Bricks FMS

Gold Bricks FMS (GBFMS) Retail announced that Kang Young-min, an alumnus of Hanyang University (Department of Mathematics, '86), is their new representative director on August 18. Kang plans to establish 4 strategies to secure a target area, specialize in sales organization, diversify sale routes, and secure a second sale by 2021 to increase members and improve the management balance through the Short Term Plan. With this, he announced his Mid Term Plan to expand the service area to rural houses, pensions, and local government facilities/buildings. Kang majored in Mathematics and Statistics at Hanyang University. Since then, he has served as Director of Shinhan Holding Company (Shinhan Life Insurance, Shinhan Bank, e-Shinhan), Director of ING Life, Adjunct Professor at Hanyang University Graduate School, Vice President at Hannover Re_Life Finanacial Group, and Research Institute Director at FIFS (sustainable Development Forest Research Institute). Check Kang Young-min on HanyangWiki Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-07 29

[Alumni]Alumni Jeon Jun-hee Recruited as Executive Vice-President of Coupang's Rocket Delivery Development Department

▲Alumni Jeon Jun-hee (Department of Mathematics, Year 1990) Alumni Jeon Jun-hee (Department of Mathematics, 1990) was recruited as Coupang's Rocket Delivery Development Department's executive vice-president on the 20th of last month. Jeon is an expert in computer science and software engineering with global work experience at Silicon Valley startups, Google, and Uber. According to Coupang, Jeon is a first-hand witness to the rapid growth of the domestic software industry and has been working on developing innovative technologies for the past 25 years. When Jeon was still a student in the Department of Mathematics at Hanyang University in 1993, he co-founded Eastsoft, a leading Korean software company. After experiencing various startups at Silicon Valley in 1999, he joined Google as a founding member and chief engineer of the TV Advertisement Platform team in 2006. He established a Youtube TV team in 2014 and took charge of the development and showed stable but rapid growth. He moved to Uber in 2019 to design and read Uber's key projects such as "Micro Mobility," a means of single-person transportation like jump bicycles and kickboards, and "Uber Public Transportation Service" which links Uber and public transportation information in real-time. Jeon is planning to upgrade Coupang's rocket delivery service by focusing on the development of their strategies and systems for a faster and more efficient delivery process that will increase customer satisfaction. "In this pandemic, the whole world is paying attention to Coupang's fast and accurate innovative delivery system. I am pleased to be part of a company that does its utmost to make its customers' lives better," said Jeon. He added, "As one of Coupang's developers, I will continuously challenge myself to implement my vision of customer satisfaction." Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-07 22

[Alumni][Attention! Hanyang-in] Tenor Yoo Chae-hoon, Alumni of Phantom Singer 3, Turns the Tables and Wins

Korea's first crossover vocal audition program, Phantom Singer 3 ended on the 3rd. The program came to a successful end with about 500,000 text messages received during the live broadcast of the finale. Team "La Poem, which included alumnus Yoo Chae-hoon (Dept. of Voice, '07), won the title by creating a reversal in the live audience vote. Yoo, a graduate from Hanyang University's Department of Voice, canceled plans to study abroad and attending several audition programs such as Mnet's Trot X but did not stand out. He then decided to give himself one last shot and attended Phantom Singer 3, which welcomed him with a great response. His popularity increased after a perfect performance of "Il Mondo" from the movie About Time. After every round, participants queued up and begged to go on stage with Yoo. La Poem: Yoo Chae-hoon, Park Ki-hoon, Choi Sung-hoon, and Jung Min-sung (Source: JTBC) La Poem was made up of tenor Yoo Chae-hoon, tenor Park Ki-hoon, countertenor Choi Sung-hoon, and baritone Jung Min-sung. Leader Yoo played an essential role in this group's forming. Yoo showed amazing responsibility to the point where he mumbled his worries about the finals in his sleep, and his team members depended on Yoo mentally as well as for his musical parts. Before his last performance, Yoo said, "I want to be a good brother in the group who can create positive synergy both musically and mentally," showing his responsibility. The last performance focused on showing great teamwork and individual skills. Various genres such as pop and K-pop were tried out on stage. The first song, "Nelle Toe Mani" highlighted the grandeur of four people while the song "Shining" by Ja woo-rim highlighted the delicate expressions. They focused more on their individual musical colors rather than harmony in their third song "Madmoadzel Hyde," and for the last song, they chose "The Rose" with a message of "returning the love you have received." As a result, La Poem received the most audience votes out of the three groups in the first round, creating a reversal. La Poem consists of two tenors, one countertenor and one baritone. The biggest advantage is the stability that comes from the voices of the members, as it is a composition that can cover the full male vocal range. The combination of the high-pitched countertenor, two melodic tenors and the bass-like baritone allows this group to sing in any musical genres perfectly. In fact, they have proven that they are able to sing in various genres from K-pop to EDM, increasing the audience's expectations. In an interview with Seoul Newspaper on the 13th, La Poem revealed their future ambition. Their dream is to present the music people are willing to search for and listen to. They also mentioned that they want to be ranked on crossover album charts. and also perform on big stages with good intentions like "Live Aid." La Poem said, " We listen not only to classical music, but also to the latest pop music like Dua Lippa as well as old pop," and added that "in the way that some vocalists don't confine themselves to certain genres, we also want to avoid boxing ourselves in to fixed genres. We want to do music where we become the genre." Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin