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08/31/2020 Special > Special Important News


2020 Japanese Summer School Held Online

Hanyang exchange program for Japanese students proceeded online successfully


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The 2020 Hanyang University Japanese Summer School Program was successfully held online from July 20 to September 11. This Korean short-term study training for Japanese university students provides the opportunity to experience Korean culture for one month. Korean volunteers are matched with Japanese students as ‘buddies.’ Although the activities were limited compared to previous years due to the coronavirus, the programs lasting impact served as a valuable memory to all participants. 

In previous years, the program was conducted offline, offering the Japanese students to stay at the Hanyang University dormitories during the summer vacation. The students took classes from the International Building, and afterwards, participated in various activities such as visiting SM Town or wearing a Hanbok (Korean traditional clothing).
Baek Ju-min (Department of Sports Industry, 1st year) and her 'buddy' held zoom sessions to discuss the assignment. 
(Photo courtesy of Baek)

For this summer, the online version of the program was prepared instead. The overall program was organized by two teams, the education research team in charge of tutoring, and the video advertising team in charge of the Youtube channel. Baek Ju-min (Department of Sports Industry, 1st year), a member of the educational research team, explained that the online tutoring session was held one-to-one, twice a week. During the tutoring, Korean students talked with their Japanese buddies about Korean culture, such as K-pop, Korean alcohol culture, and even traditional stories, while teaching conversational Korean.

Baek also helped with the Japanese students’ daily homework, and talked about what they had learned today and what they had gotten wrong on their assignment. She said the tutoring sessions were “very entertaining,” and said she ended up talking to them for 3 to 4 hours at times. "Even after the tutoring sessions were over, we continued talking about Korean idols."
The education research team held meetings in order to discuss the tutoring content. 
(Photo courtesy of Woo)

The video advertising team organized a Youtube channel Hanyang Summer School for Japan, where the Korean students uploaded self-devised videos introducing more about Korea. Song Jeong-yoon (Department of Japanese Studies, 2nd year), who was a part of the team, said he had fun uploading contents to the channel, holding meetings with other members in search for new items, and editing the videos. "There were restrictions on filming outside, but we were able to introduce some locations like creative cafes in Hong-dae." After the program was over, Song said he felt his “Japanese skills had improved,” and that this would be a great part of his memories at Hanyang University.
Song Jeong-yoon (Department of Japanese Studies, 2nd year) and his video advertising team uploaded videos on the Youtube channel Hanyang Summer School for Japan
(Photo courtesy of Song)

The 2020 Japanese Summer School was the first program held by the Office of International Affairs since the outbreak of coronavirus. Wrapping up the summer school, Woo Seung-yeon, the manager of the program, said she would like to thank all participants for their passionate participation, and added that due to its success, Hanyang University is ready to conduct other programs to enrich students’ lives.

Lee Yoon-seo 
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