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09/21/2020 Special > Special Important News


Student Value Development Team Solves School's Problems with Big Data

Using big data analysis to resolve the complaints of students and staff


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The Student Value Development Team at Hanyang University was established on January 1, 2020 to utilize big data analysis in effectively organizing the school's data. With plans to develop special service systems, such as the Hanyang chat-bot for students, team manager Jung June-koo explains in detail what the team aims to accomplish.

The Student Value Development Team was first formed based on the idea that some of the complaints of students and staff could be effectively resolved by big-data analysis. For years, there have been repeated complaints by office staff that too many identical inquries are made by different students to the college office. Students, on the othe hand, expressed the need for a system that systematically assembles all the information provided by different departments. Furthermore, the school has also been feeling the need to collect and analyze inquiries and complants over time to reflect them on the new school policies.
Jung June-koo, the team manager of the Student Value Development Team, is presenting the procedures for developing the team. 

To deal with these issues, the team currently set four achievement goals. First, they aim to prepare the school system for data analysis and lay the foundation for the systematic big data analysis around school. "By collecting and combining the school data, we will be able to, for instance, predict the potential drop-out students and new students," said Jung. 

Jung says the second goal is to invent a chat-bot system which will share various information with the students. Currently, the team is working on building a solid infrastructure. In the future, the chat-bot is expected to be able to provide the results of the school’s big data analysis in response to the user's question.

The team is also attempting to relieve one of the major student complaints. "The school introduces extra-curricular activities to students through e-mails and messages, and these notices tend to overlap. We are aware of the fact that students feel the inconvenience from repetitive notices," said Jung. He explained that the team is working on inventing a management system which precisely organizes the information regarding school activities and notify the students accordingly.

Lastly, they aim to improve the existing office work process into a more student-centered process through analyzing the data obtained from the students' point of view. By reflecting more on students’ needs on educational policy, "The end-result will be the invention of a student-oriented culture." This, in turn, will lead to creating a new brand value for the school. "Our team will put every effort in filling the school system with students’ opinions," said Jung.

Lee Yoon-seo
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