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09/24/2020 Special > Special > ERICA


The 2020 Promising Student Startup Team 300 Minister of Education Certificate Award Ceremony

Director Lee Sang-joon’s Coding Bird team and Director Kang Dong-ho’s Pinpoint team receive the award

Global News Team

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The 2020 Promising Student Startup Team 300 Contest Award Ceremony hosted by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and ICT successfully finished on September 18th. In this award ceremony held in the Knowledge Bunker Haedong Boost-up Room of ERICA's Engineering Building V, Director Lee Sang-joon’s (Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering) Coding Bird team and Director Kang Dong-ho’s (Department of Mechanical Engineering) Pinpoint team received the award.
▲(From the left) Director Kang Dong-ho, LINC+ Head of the project Choi Ji-woong, Director Lee Sang-joon
What could be a fun coding class that children can enjoy? The answer is a programming class through drones.

Director Lee Sang-joon’s Coding Bird team started with this question. Director Lee Sang-joon said that he first thought of making a fun coding class when he saw students struggling with coding and not being interested. He planned the education curriculum using drones, which children like.
He created a fun class kit that lets students have fun with coding and drones through learning SW basics by making games and making a real fan with a monitor. The Coding Bird Team developed a coding education system that elementary, middle, high-school students, and the general public, can utilize, such as block coding for beginners, Arduino for intermediates, and ATmega for skilled persons.  
Director Lee Sang-joon said that he wants to make efforts in solving the education gap of the neglected class of people and isolated regions with lack of coding education infrastructure. In fact, the Coding Bird Team’s products are used as class materials in 40 schools, with online sales actively on progress. Not only that, as it uses video lectures for its main learning material, their future growth is anticipated in this new era of untact generation.
▲ Director Lee Sang-joon
Firefighters are our heroes that protect us, but who protects them? The answer is a multifunctional grid laser lantern for firefighters.

“We wanted to become a new eye to firefighters to give them a more secure view.”
The eyes of director Kang Dong-ho sparkled as he started talking about the current problem firefighters are facing. They have difficulties securing a clear view when suppressing fires due to smoke and ashes. To solve this problem, team Pinpoint developed a product that combined DOE device (diffractive lens), grid laser, LED lantern, fluorescence compass, and the siren function.
It is portable enough to fit in one hand, enables clear view of more than 500 meters, and has a function of letting sirens go off when the movement of the firefighter holding the product is not sensed for a certain amount of time. Director Kang Dong-ho even gave a demonstration at the reward ceremony with a real prototype.

He wanted to make a product that ensures their safety, just like how they ensure ours. Their product is valuable, as they are in direct relation with the lives of firefighters.
▲ Director Kang Dong-ho
For students dreaming of startups for a better future

Director Lee Sang-joon and Kang Dong-ho said in chorus the compliments to the Hanyang University ERICA startup support system. They said that students should actively use the wide rand of excellent infrastructure of diverse startup education, monetary support, professors highly skilled in business practice, and mentoring system, along with the LINC business.

Director Kang Dong-ho said, “For a successful startup, it is important to believe in one’s ideas and actualize it.” This implies that one’s own ideas will come up when they search deep into their field of interest and the process of actualizing this is important. Furthermore, he added that it is also crucial to get advice from seniors who succeeded in their startups and enlarging one’s perspective.
Director Lee Sang-joon gave advice to think carefully about the reason why one wants to begin a startup. This is because it is dangerous to jump into the field of startups with only an absurd dream of success. He said, “Because a startup is a process of solving problems by oneself, with endless thinking and studying required,” and that “a passionate attitude and will is important.”
The LINC+ Head of the project Choi Ji-woong said at the reward ceremony, “I think it is really wonderful to see young students taking on new challenges. I hope the visions of the young generation becomes a big dream of the future.” He also gave some words of advice to ‘realize the needs of different customers with a wide perspective and to proceed the startup’.


Global News Team
Translation by: Park Gyeong-min
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