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09/28/2020 Special > Special Important News


The Online OOTD Contest (Feat. College of Engineering Students)

College of Engineering's student council held an OOTD (outfit of the day) contest


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The student union of the College of Engineering recently held an online OOTD (outfit of the day) contest. The contest was open to all students of the College of Engineering until September 13, with the theme, 'What would you wear on the first day of school?'. 48 Hanyangians uploaded photos of their look on Instagram which they would have worn for the offline class. 

Chang Han-kyu (Department of Bio Engineering, 2nd year), a member of the student union, said the union tried to come up with an activity through which the students can reflect their feelings about the start of the semester, as well as keep students connected. "Because the council members are not experts of fashion, we gave high scores on not only the unique style, but also the witty description of the students attached to the photo," said Chang. The 15 winners received small gifts as rewards, including free coffee and chicken, portable charger, and mood lamp. Three winners introduced their award-winning styles to News H. 
Gold prize: Beige in Fall (subtitle: A bag unusable for engineering students)
Jeon Yea-rin (Department of Electrical Engineering, 3rd year): I enjoy uploading photos of myself on Instagram and often take pictures of my outfit, so I decided to participate in the contest. I'm very happy that I received a prize through my hobby. In choosing the look, I love beige color and I think it is the color for autumn, so I chose the style with beige color shade. I think I won thanks to how I titled the photo. As a former member of the student union, I would like to cheer the current members for their hard work to entertain students during the pandemic situation.
Jeon Yea-rin (Department of Electrical Engineering, 3rd year) received gold prize with 'Beige in Fall (A bag unusable for engineering students)'. Any engineering student would know that fashionable mini bag is a 'no-no' for heavy engineering textbooks. 
(Photo courtesy of Jeon) 

Silver prize: OOTD? Wasn't everyone wearing this?
An Jae-hun (Division of Mechanical Engineering, 2nd year): I am very interested in and often participate to the events of the College of Engineering. For this event, though, I hesitated to apply because I cannot say that I am a good dresser. Then I thought 'how about uploading a photo related to the current situation?' So I took a photo of myself lying on the bed with my pajama. My only intention was to make people laugh, but I am excited that I got a prize for it. I would like to thank the student union, and I hope they hold many events like this in the future.
An Jae-hun (Division of Mechanical Engineering, 2nd year) received silver prize with 'OOTD? Wasn't everyone wearing this?', a picture of himself wearing pajama, like how everyone is these days.
(Photo courtesy of An)

Silver prize: 20 credits with six-days part-time job is possible only because of coronavirus
Hwang Su-mi (Division of Materials Science & Engineering, 3rd year): This semester, I could keep my six-days a week part time job even after the start of the class. I work at a convenience store, and since the first day of the semester, the work uniform has been my OOTD for lectures. Although I got to study and do part-time at the same time, I still wish I spent my time at school not at a convenient store. I participated to the competition with a photo which shows such hope of mine. The student council of College of Engineering is a great team creating new solutions in unexpected situations. Thank you for your hard work on our behalf.
Hwang Su-mi (Division of Materials Science & Engineering, 3rd year) received silver prize with '20 credits with six-days part-time job is possible only because of coronavirus', wearing her work uniform and posing behind the counter.
(Photo courtesy of Hwang) 

Chang appreciated the participation of the students and the enthusiastic help of the student union members. “We know that the current situation must be extremely dissatisfying for the students of our school. The student council will come back with more online events and plans to ease their stress as best as we can,” said Chang.

Hwang Hee-won
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