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10/12/2020 HYU News > Event


Hanyang University Industry-Academic Cooperation Group holds Art & Tech Meet-up Day for "Communication of Art and Technology"

A total of three online lectures will be held once a month from September to November with the theme "Communication of Art and Technology"

Global News Team

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The Hanyang University Industry-Academic Cooperation Group will hold an Art & Tech Meet-up Day with the Korean Culture and Arts Council (hereinafter referred to as the Arts Council) with the theme of "Communication of Art and Technology."
▲Art and Tech Meet-up Day Poster (Source: Korean Culture and Arts Council)

Art & Tech Meetup Day is a joint event of the "2020 Art & Tech Revitalization Project," inviting experts in the field of technology-related arts creation to give online lectures on September 25th, October 14th, and November 19th.

This year, the Art & Tech Activation Creative Support Project recorded the highest competition rate ever of 12.3:1, proving the keen interest of the art scene in creating convergence art. Art & Tech Meetup Day is an expert lecture program for artists who will lead new art creations, including selected organizations, and introduces innovative convergence art creation models. It is also held as a venue for sharing knowledge that presents practical communication directions for art and technology collaboration.

The first meet-up day, which will be held on September 25th, will showcase the mega-media art project "WAVE," set up at COEX Artium in Samseong-dong, with Lee Sung-ho, CEO of District, who has attracted attention not only in Korea but around the world, giving a lecture on "media art that went to the gallery (from "WAVE" to "Arte Museum"). CEO Lee Sung-ho, who is making an unrivalled move in the media art project, talks about ways to exchange and collaborate with art and other areas at a time when the boundaries between pure art and industry are being broken down. In particular, the first meet-up day is drawing attention as it announced that it will unveil the Jeju Art Museum, the nation's largest permanent exhibition hall for immersive art, on its online tour, which is scheduled to open in late September as the next project that District has been ambitiously pushing for.

The 2nd Meetup Day, which will be held on October 14th, Kinetic artist Jung Won-seok will present conflicts and solutions that can occur when technology experts and artists collaborate with the theme of "Convergence Art Creation - The Techniques of Conversation." The third Meetup Day, in which Kim Hae-in will participate as a speaker, will be held on November 19th under the theme of "How to Express Art Using Human Body as an Interface," where artists familiar with analogue creative methods will discuss how to start digital work together.

These lectures will be held online through Zoom due to COVID-19. Only 200 applicants will be able to participate per session, and applications can be made on the "On-Off Mix" website. Zoom will provide question and answer sessions, allowing an environment that is similar to meeting and talking with the speakers offline. 

This Art & Tech Meetup Day is expected to present artists with concrete examples of collaborative success in creating convergence arts, breaking down the communication barriers that come from the linguistic differences used by artists and technology experts, and presenting a way for art and fourth industrial revolution technologies to coexist and collaborate together.

Meanwhile, the Art & Tech Activation Project has been promoted by the Arts Council since 2017 to expand the base of the promotion of technology convergence art creation. Its goal is to further expand expression through art and art creation by incorporating technology rapidly into our lives in the era of the 4th industrial revolution. Details about the project can be found on the Art & Tech platform. 

Global News Team
Translation by: Lee Hee-jin
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