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06/07/2019 Special > Special > 포토뉴스


[2019 Spring Festival] Hanyang University ERICA Campus Festival Review

How were the scenes of the festival, full of Hanyang’s passion from day to night?


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Hanyang University ERICA Campus's Spring Festival was held from the 21st until the 23rd of May. A diverse group of people came to enjoy the festival, including but not limited to Hanyang students and their families, high schoolers, and alumni. This was due to the arrangement of the concept "New-tro (Neologism that combines New and Retro, which stand for a newly developed trend to enjoy retro things)" was the theme for this festival, and it was a day of harmony for all generations to enjoy. The haze that they made up was deeper during the night compared to the daytime. Moments were captured in which people who were with Hanyang exclaimed Carpe Diem (Seize the day) in respectively unique ways. 

The day of the festival: Hotter than the sun
 ▲ Thrilled students are moving to the Track and Field, where the heart of the festival is ongoing.
▲Promotion going on at the booth (bar) with the theme of animation "Crayon Shin Chan."
 ▲One student is striking a dynamic pose at s photo zone.

The night of the festival: Passion of Hanyang never fades away
 ▲The night market esd filled with enthusiasm from the early afternoon.
 ▲Happy people listening to the singer Davichi’s songs.
▲On-site staff are setting up the stage for a smooth procedure.
 ▲Teuroteu singer Hong Jin-young is directly in communion with her fans.
▲The sight of two children and their mother enjoying the festival was memorial.
 ▲The safety guards are pushing back the fences to make sure no accidents happen due to the lively festival.
▲All the audience gazing at the stage has on a smile on their faces.

Article, Photos by/ Lee Hyeon-seon
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