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05/18/2020 HYU News > Event


[Full Text] A Congratulatory Speech from the President of Hanyang University During the 81st Anniversary Ceremony

“We will take a joyful leap forward as we challenge ourselves, just like we have done over the past 81 years”

Global News Team

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Today Hanyang University celebrated its 81st anniversary.
We are gathered here today surrounded by everyone who loves Hanyang University to celebrate and share their joy with one another. I believe that the hearts of those who shaped Hanyang University with keen interest and passion over the past 81 years are here with me right now at this time. Thank you very much.
Today, during this joyous occasion, I think of the noble willpower and wishes of Paiknam Dr. Kim Lyun-joon, the founder of Hanyang University. His firm will to develop the country through education and practicality to foster ‘the practitioner of love’ is still a valid calling here, right now, as we mark the 81st anniversary of the university’s foundation.
Dear my beloved Hanyang University family members,
During last year’s 80th anniversary ceremony, I talked about the new 100 years of challenges. Although there are still quite a few things to improve on, over the past year, I have pushed, to the best of my ability, for mutual development of both the Humanities and the Natural Sciences departments, Seoul and ERICA campus, and the undergraduate and graduate schools, while also reorganizing the curriculum into a more user-centered one for the students’ development, introducing the IC-PBL curriculum to foster problem-solving skills and establishing an educational environment to actively utilize EduTech, which will become the foundation to the new challenges that the university will undertake for the next 100 years.
Additionally, in order to create a collective research ecosystem and to establish a research system to strengthen its connection with society, the Industry-University Collaboration Center (IUCC), the Medicine-Engineering Bio Convergence MEB Center, and the Hanyang Humanities Enhancement Center was established to drive the growth of Hanyang University.
Honorable Members of the Hanyang University Community,
Hanyang University’s founding principle, “Love in Deed and Truth”, will now help us dream of understanding and creating harmony beyond the competition by partaking in global causes based on our interest and love for others. But of course, all of our family members of Hanyang University should be at the center of all these grand aspirations and plans. Over the past 81 years, Hanyang University will participate in a new challenge based on the brilliant practical achievements that the university has achieved.
Like Churchill said, “The price of greatness is responsibility.” And with that, in compliance with the safety measures imposed in our daily lives due to COVID-19, our university students would like to express their gratitude towards their professors and employees who are dedicated to conducting a fever check for all visitors by holding themselves responsible to ensure the safety of the students entering and leaving the building. I believe that this is the true practice of “Love in Deed and Truth”. Let’s give ourselves a round of applause.
Dear my beloved Hanyang University family members,
People say that our society will now be divided between pre-COVID-19 and post-COVID-19. The most straightforward example to this is that distance learning classes, which suddenly started, will now become a must-have process, not a choice. This does not mean that offline lectures will disappear completely, but that distance learning courses will be very important to supplement offline lectures. IC-PBL lectures will naturally be leaned towards Blended Learning, and it is not difficult to assume that industry-university cooperation will be done remotely and more easily without any restrictions on distance and time.
Just like this, the pace of things changing has become even faster. The important thing is that while responding to such changes may not be easy, it is not impossible. Just like Zygmunt Bauman said, the alternative is not to be found. The alternative should be made and created. It does not exist by itself, but it rather comes from our own attempts and challenges.
All living things and any other organizations are innovating their organizational structure to adapt to environmental changes, and the tasks for individuals are decimated and created along the way. Every organization seeking innovation will have a partial and whole paradoxical experience, and only those that overcome it will create an ecosystem of evolution that is sustainable and evolving.
However, the organization as a whole will be on the verge of collapsing when it comes to sacrificing an entire organization’s innovation for the protection and benefit of the organization’s parts and individuals. In order to prevent this from happening, all members associated with Hanyang University and their efforts are required. As always, I believe in the passion and ability of our Hanyang family members. No matter what changes come our way, we will take a joyful leap forward as we challenge ourselves, just like we have done over the past 81 years.
I recently read an article that mentioned a quote by Professor Jim Dator, a world-renowned futurist and an honorary professor from the University of Hawaii, who said, “The future is unpredictable.” He also said, “It is a very dangerous and unwise gamble to plan only one type of future. It is your duty to come up with a policy that can respond to whatever the future unfolds for you.” “The future is not about predicting, it’s about dreaming about it and making it come true.”
Although we are currently facing an unpredictable era, I believe that the future of Hanyang University will be bright if all members work together to prepare ourselves for the dream that our university is ultimately aiming for.
Based on the accumulated power that has been nurtured in Hanyang University’s history, I think that all members of Hanyang University are responsible to make sure that the university evolves into a system that supports our society through policies that respond to the changes of our era. Since policies are only implemented through the right regulations and systems, I ask all members of our university to be self-conscious and strive for more sustainable development of Hanyang University, in order to eliminate deficits that can be caused due to the wrong policies being created.
To my dearest Hanyang family members!
Whatever the new challenge is for today as we celebrate our 81st anniversary, I believe that the Hanyang family will be at the center of it. I know that you have contributed to building our university to where it stands today with great dedication and passion, so I would like to say that you are the most valuable and irreplaceable asset of Hanyang University today. Please continue to bless Hanyang University’s future with great interest and love, and walk with Hanyang as the school embarks itself on more journeys that are to come. Once again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who celebrated the 81st anniversary of Hanyang University.
Much love to you all. Thank you.

Global News Team
Translated by: Lee Jung-joo
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