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02/10/2020 HYU News > Policy


[COVID-19] ‘A letter to graduates’

gown rentals available after the crisis settlement

Global News Team

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On 7th, the Office of  Academic Affairs posted ‘A letter to graduates’ in the name of the president. The official announcement for the cancellation of the graduation ceremony scheduled at the end of this February was presented with words of understanding.

The letter writes that once the crisis settles down, photo shoots will be available to graduates who individually rent their gowns, and that the fall semester graduation ceremony which will be held in August will be prepared for students wishing to participate.

The following is the complete text of the letter.
I sincerely congratulate on your graduation.

Congratulations on your new start as a practitioner of ‘love in deed and truth’ who will actively move forward onto the bigger world with your strength built in Hanyang’s grounds.
I would also like to congratulate the parents and family members who provided support to their children with profound devotion and sacrifice.

It is unfortunate that the scheduled graduation ceremony cannot take place due to the unexpected infectious spread of the Novel Coronavirus.

Please understand that it is an inevitable measure for the health and safety of the graduates, families, and friends.

In addition, we will prepare gown rentals for individual photo shoots within a fixed period after the infection crisis settles down, and the fall semester graduation ceremony in August 2020 for students hoping to attend.

I wish the health and happiness of Hanyang graduates and their family members.

President of Hanyang University, Kim Woo-Seung
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