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2019-10 08

[Notice]An 'Invitation Lecture on Environmental Protection’ by Hanyang University

Hanyang University will open an ‘Invitation lecture on environmental protection’ in the international conference room (6th floor) of the Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library (Seoul Campus) on Friday, October 25th at 2 p.m. Hosted by the Hanyang University Environmental Foundation and the Office of Student Affairs, this invitational lecture is being held for the purpose of improving awareness of environmental issues for students and members of the school. In this lecture, the board president of the Environmental Foundation, Choi Yeol will be lecturing on the theme, ‘From carbon economy to economic circulation.’ Professor of special affairs, Cho Chun-ho will lecture on the theme, ‘The turning point of change for the climate crisis generation,’ and ‘The new relationship’ by an architect Cho Jin-man. Hanyang Global News Team

2019-05 16

[Notice]2019 Hanyang City Forum Held with the Title "The Tomorrow of Cities, Drawing the Future City"

The Hanyang University Graduate School of Urban Studies, the Department of Urban Planning and Engineering, and the Land & Housing Institute (LHI) will hold the 2019 Hanyang City Forum with the theme of The Tomorrow of Cities, Drawing the Future City on Friday, May 24th at 1 p.m. on the 6th floor of the Paiknam Library and Academic Information Center. The event will begin with an opening address from Professor Kim Hong-bae from the Department of Urban Planning and Engineering followed by a congratulatory message from President Kim Woo-seung and Dr. Son kyung-hwan, the director of the LHI. Afterwards, a keynote talk on the topic of regional foreign aid and urban planning will be given by Honorary Professor Burkhard von Rabenau from Ohio State University. Next on the schedule is a debate that will be managed by Professor Kim-do of California Polytechnic State University, Dr. Yoon Jeong-jung from the LHI, and Professor Brian Park from the University of Virginia. ▲Poster of ‘2019 Hanyang City Forum’ Translated by: Kim Hyun-soo

2019-05 07

[Notice]Young Poong Book Store at Wangsimni Provides Book Discounts to Hanyang Members

Young Poong Book Store, the large store that recently opened inside the Wangsimni station located near the Seoul campus of Hanyang University offers discounts to members of the university. Starting from April 19th (Fri), Hanyang members (faculty and students) that visit the Young Poong Book Store Wangsimni franchise can receive an on-site 10% discount when purchasing a book after showing their faculty identification or a student ID card. However, the discount cannot be used with any other discounts, and the mileage for Young Poong Book Store cannot be earned or used. ▲ Young Poong Book Store at Wangsimni discount announcement leaflet Translation by Kim Hyun-soo

2019-03 29

[Notice]Opening of ERICA IC-PBL Competitive Exhibition on June 5th

ERICA IC-PBL center will hold the 2019 ERICA IC-PBL Competitive Exhibition on June 5th (Wed) at the conference hall of ERICA campus. This contest is held in order to enhance creative problem solving skills and foster outstanding ERICA students through solving problems suggested by industries. The contest is aimed at groups that consist of 3~5 ERICA students from more than 2 different departments. The application for participation can be submitted to room B109 of ERICA conference hall by 5 pm on March 29th (Fri). Candidates much fill out the entry form with a choice of one scenario problem, study plan, and agreement to share personal information. You can submit the documents after downloading and filling out the problem scenario, entry form, study plan, and personal information agreement from the IC-PBL center homepage ( The duration of problem solving performance for the participating teams is from March 25th (Mon) until May 24th (Fri). The center provides 100,000 won for problem solving experimental fees in case it is needed. They can submit the final results of the problem each team chose, activity record of team work each week, individual self-examination journal, and satisfaction evaluation sheet until May 24th (Fri) at 5 pm to room B109 in the conference hall at ERICA. For the award, one grand prize, two first prizes, and 5 excellence prizes will be selected, and recipients will receive a certificate of award, a plaque, and prize money. The award ceremony is expected to be held on June 6th (Wed) at 1 pm at the conference hall of ERICA campus. For more information about the contest, you can check out the IC-PBL page or call (031-400-4897). ▲Poster of 2019 1st semester ERICA IC-PBL Competitive Exhibition

2019-03 28

[Notice]College of Education Invites Professor Frederic Fol Leymarie from Goldsmiths, University of London

Hanyang University's Department of Applied Art Education is holding a special lecture titled "Beyond Drawing" on Thursday, March 21st, at 4 pm in room 213 of the College of Education, led by Professor Frederic Fol Leymarie who has been invited from Goldsmiths, University of London. With the topic of "understanding the drawing activity via computational and robotic systems," Professor Frederic Fol Leymarie will lecture on forms of combining artificial intelligence and visual arts knowledge. Anyone may attend the lecture without prior registration. More details will be given by the Department of Applied Art Education (02-2220-1150, The poster of the special invitation lecture of professor Frederic Fol Leymarie from Goldsmiths, University of London

2018-11 04

[Notice]Education expenses per student at Hanyang University, estimated at 21.388 million won

Hanyang University ranked the tenth among the surveyed universities with an estimated cost of approximately 21.388 million won invested per student for creating educational conditions for students. The Ministry of Education and the Korean Council for University Education released an analysis of 'Education Expenses per Student' among 185, four-year universities. This analysis was posted on the Higher Education in KOREA, a university information disclosure site on August 31st. According to the public announcement report, the cost of education per student in 2017 was 15.46 million won, 4.1 per cent higher than the previous year. The average education expenses per student at private institutions have risen to 14.97 million won in 2017, a 3.8 percent increase. Meanwhile, the cost at public universities has increased to 1.76 million won, up 5 percent from last year. The university with the highest education expense per student was POSTECH (89,178,500won), followed by Seoul National University (43,347,800 won), CHA University (34,630,200 won), Korea Tech (33,558,300 won), Yonsei University (30,241,700 won), Sungkyunkwan University (28,081,400 won), Catholic University (23,769,800 won), Korea University (22,859,500 won), Ajou University (21,792,100 won), and Hanyang University (21,388,000 won). The education expense per student reflects the total university investments divided by the number of enrolled students. In the case of public universities, there are five subdivisions such as 'university accounting', 'development fund accounting', ‘industrial cooperative accounting', 'purchase of books', and 'purchase of machinery and equipment,' while private universities include ‘school-expense accounting’, ‘industrial cooperative accounting', 'purchase of books', and 'purchase of machinery and equipment'. These expenses are calculated by dividing the sum of these subcategories by the number of students. Each category reflects labor costs, operating expense, scholarship, and expenses related to student research.

2018-08 24

[Notice]"The 7th Hanyang Future R&D Competition" Held on August 24th.

Hanyang Industry-University-Research Cooperation Foundation held "The 7th Hanyang Future R&D Competition" on Friday, August 24th. This competition was planned to find outstanding researchers at Hanyang campus and to win government funded-projects by promoting interdisciplinary convergence research among researchers Participants are in-school researchers (full-time faculty members, research faculty members, and postdoctoral fellows), companies run by Hanyang graduates, enterprises which signed MOU with Hanyang. Participating fields include medicine, engineering, humanities, natural sciences, life sciences, and arts & sports. Applications can be received through e-mail( Research incentives are given to researchers who are selected for outstanding tasks. For more information, please contact the Center for Industry-University Research & Development on Seoul campus (02-2220-2502) or the Center for Business Cooperation on ERICA campus (031-400-4947). ▲ Poster of "The 7th Hanyang Future R&D Competition"

2018-08 13

[Notice]Recruiting WELCOME Hanyang Volunteers, in the 2nd semester of 2018

The ERICA Campus international team will recruit members for the WELCOME Hanyang Volunteers in the second semester of 2018. If you become a member of volunteers, you will be able to help international and Korean students from Student Welfare Center's Global Information Center on ERICA campus, for three hours every week, from September 3 to December 21. Recruitment is due on August 19. The maximum number of students to be recruited is 30, and the applicants are Korean and foreign students (including graduate students) at ERICA campus. However, freshmen and early graduates, students who are on leave, and those who are expected to graduate are excluded. English or Chinese proficiency is preferred, and former first group of WELCOME Hanyang Volunteers will be exempted from interviews when they pass the document screening process. You can apply at the online page ( For details, please call the International Team (031-400-4918) or mail ( ▲ Poster for recruiting WELCOME Hanyang Volunteers in the 2nd semester, 2018

2018-03 21

[Notice]'WELCOMING PARTY' for International Students at College of Engineering

HISA, HYCE International Student Ambassador, holds a 'Welcoming Party-HISA Info Night' for Engineering International Students on Friday, March 26th at 6 p.m. at Engineering Building2 FAB LAB. This event will host a variety of programs including orientation, HISA Supporters introduction, games and food, to share HISA with international students and to promote friendship among them. For more information about the event, contact HISA Supporters at 010-9467-5215.

2017-11 27

[Notice]“HY GLOBAL MARKET” Flea Market Held on December 4th

HY GLOBAL MARKET, a flea market event to support immigrant women residing in Korea will be held in front of the Clock Tower Pavilion of Engineering Building Ⅰ, Seoul Campus on Monday, December 4th. This flea market is filled with items donated by Hanyang and WE-HY supporters and foreign students from College of Engineering will be participated as sellers. The proceeds will be donated to the Korean Migrant Women Human Rights Center under the name of all donors. Donations will be accepted until Tuesday, November 28 and donated to Main Hall 402 (Hanyang Women's Center for Human Resource Development) of Seoul Campus Industrial Center. For more information about events and donations, please contact the Administration Team of the College of Engineering (02-2220-0296) or the Center for the Advancement of Female Engineers (02-2220-1632 ~ 4). ▲‘HY GLOBAL MARKET’ poster