Hanyang Open World
for Learning. HOWL.

HOWL. Hanyang Open World for Learning

  • Knowledge is more joyful when you share it. HOWL is a learning platform where information is shared among individuals to make it easier to have access to a sea of information.
    HOWL is also a Knowledge Ecosystem that enriches living, working and learning. Even a small amount of knowledge that is shared can become a forest of knowledge which can continue to expand.
What is Open Course Ware?
  • OCW is a movement to share popular lectures and learning materials with various universities around the world through the Internet. In other words, it is a knowledge sharing system to provide learning for anyone who has passion for learning.
What is OCW Consortium?
  • OCW Consortium is the association of universities, starting with MIT, that lead and join OCW movement. Other recognized universities include Stanford, Yale, Harvard, and Columbia. In Korea, many universities, including Korea, Hanyang, Sookmyung, are participating in KOCW. These universities are opening their popular lectures and making learning contents in Korean.
What is HOWL?
  • HOWL, which is not exclusive to Hanyang University, is a Social Open Knowledge Platform that enables many domestic and foreign universities to share popular learning contents such as OCW and TED lectures easily.
About Howl
  • Enables students to take
    popular lectures from
    overseas with
    Korean subtitles
  • Experience authentic
    lectures from prominent
    Korean and foreign
  • Enables students to find
    information about
    popular lectures from
    TED, GOOGLE, and other
    special events in one place
  • Enables students to search
    and use various forms
    of learning media
    such as video,
    slide, and image
  • Mobile
    • HOWL is an ubiquitous learning environment for users to access the sites and contents via mobile devices such as smartphones or iPad, anywhere anytime.
  • Social Media
    • Twitter, Google, and Facebook are global social media platforms that generate content (UCC) produced, promoted and shared by the user.
    • HOWL supports the cooperation of a variety of social media for published contents.
  • Equality
    • HOWL guarantees the learning rights for all is that physical disabilities will not be an obstacle to learning. HOWL will be the stage for new learning to the visually impaired by offering lectures by scholars from around the world and complying with not only Web standards but also Web accessibility WCAG2.0 AA level.