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12/21/2017 HYU News > Performance > 순위&선정


National&World University Rankings in 2017

Nature index 1st in nation, QS University Rankings climbing 16 stairs compared to last year


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 Hanyang University showed superior results by recording a rise over the previous year in national and interantional university evaluation during 2017. The results of this year made by Hanyang University are provided below including ‘Nature index’, ‘QS World University Rankings’, "JoongAng Ilbo University Rankings", and ‘Dong-A Ilbo Youth Dream University Rankings’ of the world's top university evaluation.

▶ Nature index 1st in nation, 23th in the world

 In the ‘2017 Nature Index Innovation’ announced in September by Nature Publishing Group’ (NPG), the global science publishing group, Hanyang University ranked 1st in nation and 23rd in the word a patent cited index(Normalized Lens influence) category

‘2017 Nature index Innovation’ (Nature index website capture image)

  The Normalized Lens Influence Metric is an indicator that shows how one paper is used in patents. The higher the score is, the more papers published at that institution are evaluated to reflect much on this practical technology development.

 Hanyang University ranked 1st in nation, with 25,633 papers published from 1980 to 2015, patent citations of 142,555 times and the Normalized Lens Influence Metric index paper, 5.56 points.

▶ QS World University Ranking 155th

 In last June, Hanyang University ranked 155th in 2017 QS World University Rankings announced by the UK global university evaluation institution QS (Quacquarelli Symonds), climbing 16 stairs compared to last year's performance. It is the eighth highest record among domestic universities. Hanyang University, which steadily climbed in QS world's university evaluation through the last five years, recorded its highest rank this year as well.

  2017 QS World University Evaluation Rankings (QS Ranking website capture image)

  2017 QS World University Rankings evaluated 4854 universities around the world and ranked them in four fields of research, education, graduate reputation, internationalization, etc. with six indicators. The six evaluation indicators are as follows: △ academic evaluation (40%) △ the number of paper citations per professor (20%) △ the number of students per professor (20%) △ graduate reputation (10%) △ foreign student rate(5%) △ foreign professor rate(5%).

 According to the article of Chosun Ilbo on June 8, QS said, "in this evaluation, Korean universities have high academic evaluation and graduate reputation, while those who measure the quality of university research are still low including ‘the number of paper citations per professor’ and ‘the percentage of foreign professors and students’.” It is pointed out that many Korean professors need to publish papers in English in order to increase the number of paper citations and the research power of Korean universities can be expanded globally.

 Meanwhile, Hanyang University received the total score of 83.8 (out of 100 points) in ‘2017 Asian University Evaluation’ announced by QS in October, ranked 30th in Asia and 7th in nation as last year. Hanyang University has high scores especially in these indicators, ‘exchange students who went abroad’ (99.9 points, 18th place), "exchange student who entered Korea" (96.1 points, 28th place), "graduate reputation" (94.3 points, 26th) and so on.

▶ 2017 JoongAng Ilbo University Rankings, Seoul Ranked 3rd · ERICA 9th
 In 2017 JoongAng Ilbo University Rankings released in October, three results of the evaluation were open including 'Comprehensive Evaluation', 'Department Evaluation' and 'Reputation Survey'. The ranking of Seoul campus dropped one stair from the previous year, but ranked within TOP 10 d in 'Department Evaluation' and 'Reputation Survey'.

 In ‘Comprehensive Evaluation’, Seoul Campus is ranked 1st in 'Student Performance' (58 points), 3rd in 'Professor's Research' (70 points), 4th in 'Educational Conditions' (60 points), 5th in 'Reputation' (24 points), and 3rd in overall rankings with total 214 points. ERICA campus ranked 9th overall by achieving 6th (49 points) in 'Student Performance', 10th (62 points) in 'Professor's Research' category.

  ▲’2017 JoongAng Ilbo University Rankings’ Comprehensive Rankings (Picture = JoongAng Ilbo)

  This year’s department evaluation was divided into four categories: humanities, social science, engineering, and natural sciences. In 'Humanities· Social Science Department Evaluation' the Seoul campus ranked 3rd in the humanities(179 points) and 2nd in the social sciences (188 points) category. ERICA campus ranked 14th in humanities (143 points) and 20th in social science (140 points).

 In the evaluation of 'Natural science and engineering department', Seoul Campus ranked 5th in the natural sciences (174 points) and 3rd in the engineering field (206 points). ERICA campus recorded the ranking of 10th in engineering (176 points).

 According to the Joongang Ilbo article, "Seoul Campus focused on finding a job suitable for student's aptitude through field placement (field placement participation rate, Humanities 3rd·Social Science 6th)". Article added, "Professors consulted continuously with many students and connected them to the training sites, and lots of students worked for the same company after six months of employment (Maintenance employment rate; Humanities 4th·Social Science 3rd)".

In addition, "the number of technology venture companies, certified by Technology Guarantee Fund and identified from which university the founders graduated, was 13,947. Among the founders of these companies, 498 people are from Hanyang University in Seoul Campus, second only to Seoul National University (525 people) ". The article emphasized, " Hanyang University focuses on entrepreneurship education, and the number of students who received entrepreneurship training last year was the highest (6580, including redundancy) among the evaluated universities”.

 According to a reputation survey conducted together with ‘Research & Research’, Seoul Campus was ranked the 5th in natural sciences and 9th in liberal arts field for a question "University you wish to recommend for admission." Seoul Campus occupied 4th place in natural sciences and 6th place in liberal arts field for a question "University you wish to recommend for admission." Seoul Campus was ranked 6th and ERICA campus was the 9th for the question "university with a high potential of development."

Reception of the highest evaluation in the ‘2017 Youth Dream University Rankings’ by Dong-A Ilbo

 Hanyang University was selected in the 'Best' category for three consecutive times in the ‘2017 Youth Dream University Rankings’ by Dong-A Daily, the Ministry of Employment and Labor, the Korea Employment information Agency and the research firm Macromill Embrain.


  The result of ‘2017 Youth Dream University Rankings’ (Picture = Dong-A Ilbo)

  In this evaluation of how effectively and actively the finest universities offering good educations support students’ employment and entrepreneurship, Hanyang University received the highest score of 87.7 points among the top 10 universities in 'infrastructure' sector. Hanyang University received 82.1 points for 'education' sector, 80.6 points for 'network', and 74.5 points for 'service'.
 Dong-A Daily article states that Hanyang University has developed more sophisticated programs to support student’s employment and start-ups than the evaluation in 2015 by introducing HY-CDP (Career Development Program).


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