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09/27/2016 HYU News > Event


[채널H] 2016 Chuseok event for foreign students


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As one of the major holidays in Korea, family members typically get together to eat, share gifts, and participate in traditional recreational activities. This year, the Office of International Affairs hosted a special event for foreign students on campus in order to give them a taste of a traditional Chuseok experience.

Despite the hot weather, many foreign students and staff members gathered together in front of International Building for the event. They shared Korean traditional food and participated in diverse activities. 

The Chuseok event provided a chance to taste Korean traditional rice cake called songpyeon and international students tried on Korean traditional clothes, Hanbok, and took pictures with their friends.

INT 1> Pakistan, Zulfiqur Ali Lashari / Major in Urban Development and Management
Q. Do you know anything about Chuseok?
A. “Actually, I don't know much, but it' been just few months I've been here. But we've known that this is a traditional ceremony which is held every year and Koreans celebrate it and I know they go out to eat together. They celebrate these days for Chuseok. We are really enjoying these games and these dresses. It’s really good to be here.”

INT 2> Pakistan, Khawar Mohiuddin / Department of Mechanical Engineering
Q. What is your overall impression about this event?
A. “This is good event because we haven’t ever seen in our home country. We are enjoying this event. It’s a good event.“

INT 3> Belgium, El Mamoudi Kaoutar / Department of Mechanical Convergence Engineering 
A. “It’s good, It’s like with armond I think. I don’t like the rice but it’s good.”
Q. Do you know anything about Chuseok?
A. “No, I’ ve never heard about it. It’s first time to be here. It’s my first time in Korea.”
Q. Is there any holidays similar to Chuseok in your home country?
A. “We don’t have Thanksgiving in my home country, Belgium, but there is another holidays like christmas and New Years.”

Also, the students enjoyed playing folk games such as Jaegichagi and Tuho.

These special events provided unforgettable memories to foreign students. 

INT 4> Lee Ji-Yun / Office of International Affairs
Q. ‘Please explain the purpose of today’s event’
A. “I've seen similar events for foreign students when I was attending college. Many foreign students will stay in Korea alone, apart from their family members, so we have organized this event to help students experience Chuseok.”

Lots of foreign students spent quality time by enjoying traditional cultural activities in a convivial atmosphere throughout the event. I hope they will get warm and fuzzy feeling thinking about Chuseok. This is reporter Kim Min-hee from channel H.

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