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2020-01 07

[Policy]“Into the Unlimited Storage,” Hanyang University Officially Introduces G suite for Education

Google Logo Hanyang University officially introduces Google’s G suite for Education (‘G suite’ hereafter) from January 7th, 2020. People can use the official service with the shift of Hanyang mail at 6 PM from the 7th of January. The biggest change lies in email. The previous Hanyang mail was provided within the individual mail service, but it has now shifted to Gmail, which is one of the largest webmail service providers. This has meant the shift to ‘cloud mail.’ Hanyang mail users can have unlimited storage, despite the fact that there was a 15GB limitation for normal users in the past. Therefore, people do not need to worry about emptying mailboxes regularly. If a normal user wants to enlarge their storage, one should pay. Not only storage increases but mobile access was also enhanced via an exclusive app, and one can use other Gmail-based functions. As the security was reinforced, one should manage the password other than the previous HY-in system. This is because one needs to follow Google’s password policy. Two-level authentification is available, utilizing texts as such. The Office of Information and Communications Technology Services introduced the move of email data and limited access to the previous system. Other than email, people can use various services through Google G suite. One can also log-in to Google using Hanyang email accounts. G suite is basically a bundle of various applications that Google is servicing on the web, differentiating the normal users by giving additional access. In particular, unlimited storage is the biggest feature. It is provided in a unified way, which means everything that uses the cloud services are combined altogether. For example, if a normal user used 10GB for mail service, the drive is to be used under 5 GB limitation if he or she is using a 15GB plan. The G suite service offered to universities is ostensibly ‘unlimited,’ and there is no significant limitation in the sharing of storage among different services. However, Google’s detailed guidelines state that the combined capacity is up to 5 TB (reference: 1 TB = 1024 GB), so it appears to be almost unlimited for ordinary users. However, the maximum storage limit should be kept in mind. Google’s G suite services allow users to back up or share files and photos in the cloud (Google Drive and Google Photos), create documents through an online office (Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides), and create online questionnaire forms or manage online memory. It supports communication from voice to video chat, and not only personal work but also teamwork collaboration or mobile linkage can be provided through calendars and address books. In addition to personal learning support for students, it is expected to be used in a variety of ways, including administrative and research support. In addition, it is expected to use various functions with the support of the Office of Information and Communications Technology Services. Regarding the introduction of G suite, the Office of Information and Communications Technology Services announced its intention to respond to the continuous security accidents and threats of Hanyang Mail and to support the implementation of the strategy for developing education, research and administration of members through an online collaboration platform, along with reducing the cost of system operation. For additional information regarding the introduction of the Hanyang University G suite, please refer to the official information page at ▲ Introducing G suite: from the web page of the Office of Information and Communications Technology Services Global News Team Translated by: Lee Seong-chae

2019-12 03

[Policy]Adventech-ERICA signs an MOU for Industry-University Cooperation in IoT and Smart Factory

Hanyang University's ERICA Campus and Advantech KR have signed an MOU for Industry-University cooperation in the Internet of Things and Smart Factory fields on November 26th. In this MOU, it is included that cooperation for the human resource cultivation and projects in the fields of IoT and smart factory will be achieved using both institutions' outstanding human resources and infrastructures. It is also included that InnoWorks, a global Industry-University cooperation program, held by Advantech in 2020, will be co-held with Hanyang University's ERICA Campus. CEO Jeong Jun-gyo of Advantech KR said, "It is a great meaning for us to promote the Industry-University cooperation with Hanyang University's ERICA Campus, which stations smart factory industry complex. With this, we will do our best to function as a vital part in domestic IoT and in the smart factory industry development through expanded and enhanced cooperation of both institutions." Advantech is an industry IoT solution provider, headquartered in Taiwan, which provides not only various hardware but also specialized software. Furthermore, it has expanded its business fields to factory management and monitoring using WebAccess SCADA, a factory automation software, data collection, saving, analysis, and prediction through cloud services. Hanyang University's ERICA Campus has been constructing a leading cluster environment that fits the government's regional innovation policies that combine universities, research, industry, and promote research and development and human resource cultivation using the each functions' research capabilities. Recently, not only the three government-funded research institutes (Korea Institue of Industrial Technology, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, and Korea Testing Laboratory) but also around 170 companies including Gyeonggi Techno Park and LG Innotech Ansan R&D Campus are conducting their activities in the cluster. Global News Team Translation by Lee Seong-chae

2019-12 03

[Policy]Hanyang University IC-PBL Center Signs an MOU with LG Electronics for "Next Generation Company-Related Education"

Hanyang University IC-PBL Center (Director Lim Gyu-geon) signed the 'Industry-University Memorandum of Understanding for IC-PBL Oriented Industry-University Educational Cooperation System Designing' with LG Electronics on November 27th. At the agreement ceremony, Executive Director Ryu Hye-jeong of LG Electronics H&A Smart Home of H&A Operation Headquarters, Director Lim Gyu-geon of Hanyang University IC-PBL Center, Professor Cha Gyeong-jin of the School of Business, and Professor Oh Hyeon-suk. Both institutions agreed on developing and operating company-oriented IC-PBL courses, human resource cultivation education with capacities that companies ask, and education to enhance capabilities of the members of the companies so that close cooperation systems can be constructed and developed via IC-PBL and the both institutions' development can be guaranteed. Following the agreement, Hanyang University IC-PBL Center will develop, with professors, problem-solving oriented courses that LG Electronics asked and will promote actual situation based courses that students can bring out practical solutions based on the understanding of technologies and customers. Director Lim Gyu-geon at Hanyang University IC-PBL Center said "The gap between university education and industry field has been problematic. University education that prepares for the Fourth Industrial Revolution should reflect the requirements of the industry field thoroughly, and this agreement will be a good case for such challenges." Also, executive director Ryu said, "Through the IC-PBL program, it is expected that while solving actual problems, not only students but also LG staffs can cultivate capacities as well." IC-PBL is an acronym for Industry Coupled Problem Based Learning, which Hanyang University operates as a next-generation industry and society related educational model. Global News Team Translation by: Seongchae Lee

2019-11 19

[Policy]Changes in Adobe's Software Policy on PCs on campus... "Please delete it"

It will be restricted to use Adobe software on campus. The office of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) services, which manages the use of software on campus, announced a change in the policy regarding Adobe software products. As a result, it is no longer possible to download Adobe software from now on. ▲ The Adobe logo According to the guide, Adobe products can be only used by the officially subscribed CC license, whereas the CS versions that were provided for education purposes cannot be used anymore. Additionally, all existing CS versions should be deleted. Due to the soaring costs of maintaining the license, it has become exceedingly difficult to continuously support the entire use of the software on campus. A separate inspection is currently underway to support unavoidable teaching purposes or professional work. To support further software products, it is expected that the university will determine the appropriate method after the examination. Meanwhile, as most Adobe software products have been discontinued, other free versions, such as PDF viewer, have been suggested for use. The commonly used Adobe software products are Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, InDesign, and Acrobat. The Global News Team - *Translated by Hyejeong Park

2019-11 13

[Policy]Visit from Taiwan NTUB President

The President of the National Taipei University of Business (NTUB) paid a special visit to Hanyang University. Both universities concluded an MOU for the establishment of future cooperative relationships. ▲ The selection of photos above capture the very moments in the agreement of mutual cooperation between two universities. The Hanyang Global News Team -

2019-11 12

[Policy]Hanyang University’s Online Encyclopedia: 'Hanyang Wiki' is officially open

Hanyang University’s online encyclopedia is finally available online. The Media Strategy Center announced that Hanyang Wiki website has been open since November 1st to commemorate its 80th anniversary. ‘Wiki’ is a platform to create collaborative documents online, widely known as Wikipedia. In fact, Hanyang Wiki has the same platform as Wikipedia, and the basic operations are the same. However, while Wikipedia emphasizes collective intelligence, Hanyang Wiki will be the writer-centered domain for a certain period in order to improve the reliability of data and the initial stable operation. Unlike a typical homepage maintained with everything in place, Hanyang Wiki releases available platforms for the time being, and yet, the number of documents entered during preparation amounts to more than 1900. Basic documents such as university promotional materials, up-to-date manuals, and major announcements have already been uploaded. The Media Strategy Center's plan is to induce continuous content accumulation and pursue symbolism and practicality based on this platform. ▲Hanyang Wiki can be accessed from the top menu of the university representative website. The site can be accessed by clicking on 'Hanyang Wiki' from the top menu of the university representative website or by entering the address ( The general public does not have permission to write, so you can submit and post materials through a separate input request form. There are three main reasons for introducing Hanyang Wiki from the Media Strategy Center. First, it is to widely inform university-related information and services. In fact, the current platform is much more improved than the previous one since there was a limit to retrieve or accumulate data. Second, there has been the need to be strategic in the Web 3.0 era. Along with the upcoming AI-based services and activities, it was analyzed that it is required to collect and operate abundant content on a single platform. Third, it serves as a college brand and promotional expansion window. Its need for ‘fact-based’ promotion and efficient use of vast amount of materials arose. That is, as one of the Korean proverbs goes, ‘Beads only become treasure when they are strung together.’ The media strategy center encouraged the participation of internal members by distributing guides containing '10 reasons why Wiki is good ' and '10 examples of use' through internal letters. He also introduced the development plan for 2039, on the 100th anniversary of the university. As Hanyang Wiki has begun in earnest, it is planned to implement detailed operational plans, such as data collection campaign activities and writing staff recruitment. Kwon Kyung-bok, the head of the Media Strategy Center, said, “With the opening of the website, the era of service and promotion with only fragmented data has passed.” He also added, "However, as much time and effort are spent in the process of settling, the members' attention and participation are needed, and through this, I hope that the 'unique culture of Hanyang' will be established. ▲ There is a large banner hanging on the outer wall of the Hanyang Plaza building to announce the official opening of Hanyang Wiki. Hanyang Global News Team - *Translated by Hyejeong Park

2019-10 04

[Policy]Hanyang University LINC+ and Korea IT Business Promotion Association Sign an MOU

On October 1st, the Hanyang University LINC+ organization and the Korea IT Business Promotion Association (IPA) entered into a business agreement for the promotion of IT commerce and future projects. According to the October 2nd article of Electronic News, Jeon Byung-hoon, the head of LINC+, said, "We expect the IPA, which cultivates human resources and supports core technologies of Industry 4.0, such as artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain, to promote industry-based business cooperation with Hanyang University LINC+, which is hard to experience at universities." Both organizations have agreed to carry forward various business and education related-projects, such as special lectures, the co-development of educational courses for artificial intelligence and big data, as well as participation in the new-industry creation, the ChangeMakers Group. ▲(from left) Park Shin-ae (researcher), Baek Pil-ho (director), Choi Jae-in (director), Kim Sun-jung (full-time vice president) from the Korea IT Business Promotion Association, Park Sung-wook (deputy director), Kim Dong-lip (professor), Choi Yoon-ha (team manager), Kim Tae-shik (professor), Park Sung-soo (professor), and Song Joon-ho (professor) of Hanyang University. Hanyang Global News Team Photo courtesy of Electronic News

2019-09 26

[Policy]Hanyang University Begins a Plastic Free Movement by Giving Away Free Tumblers

Hanyang University began building a plastic free campus by providing around 1,000 free tumblers to students on September 25th. In line with the school’s movement, the Hanyang University Student Union is launching their campaign titled, ‘environment supporters’ for the purpose of establishing a systematic, ecofriendly campus. The environment supporters decided to deliver the importance of environmental protection to members of the school by proceeding with an environment related program at least once a month, such as holding a guest lecture by an environmental foundation on the 10th. Hanyang University is planning on encouraging active participation from school members to construct an ecofriendly campus, with events ranging from an environment supporters starting ceremony to the 80th anniversary fall festival (9.25~27) that are on their way. Hanyang University was the first among local universities to have concluded an MOU with an environmental foundation to promote a plastic free campus in June. In addition, Hanyang University has designated the 17th of every month as a Green Day, taking into account the 17 categories of SDGs that the UN has set for the coexisting development of humanity until the year 2030. The school is hosting environmental protection campaigns, such as the ‘contest exhibit for an ecofriendly campus' as well as requesting that campus business facilities issue e-receipts rather than paper receipts.

2019-09 06

[Policy]The ERICA Commute Bus: Now Guided In Real Time with An ‘Exclusive Phone App’

The ERICA Commute Bus, which students had to rely on its timetable to guess it location, can now be used in a smarter and more convenient way. The application, ‘Shuttle Now’ was made available on September 4th of this year. ▲ The Shuttle Now App download screen The ERICA Campus Office of General Affairs and Facilities Management announced on the 5th that the real-time location of the bus was implemented into the app. By downloading the exclusive app online, functions such as real-time bus location, the bus route, bus station information, and announcement notices are available. With real-time location service finally fulfilled, students, having previously relied solely on the homepage or the bus station timetable, can rejoice. The name of the exclusive application is ‘Shuttle Now’ and is available for both the Android and iPhone. The app is ready for use after a personal cell phone authentication ensued after the user’s first installation and use of the app. Instructions are simple. After personal verification, search ‘Hanyang University ERICA’ on the first screen and choose the route that one takes. After the route selection, click on the frequently used station or desired station to check real time bus locations. If a frequently used station is registered, an individual can access it on the first page of the app. The chosen line or route can easily be shared with friends. When a bus is not visible, an individual can take advantage of the inquire now service. According to Min Byung-hun, the individual in charge of the operation of the app as well as a team leader in the Office of General Affairs and Facilities Management said, “Various opinions from students were gathered and much discussion was in process with bus managing companies. We will constantly monitor and improve the system, as it began as a means to minimize inconvenience among university members.”

2019-09 05

[Policy]3 → 9 Stores: Kyobo Books Centre Affiliated Stores Expanding Starting on September 16th

On the spot discount applicable branches are expanding with the arrangement of the Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library and the Kyobo Books Centre. Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library announced that the previous 3 branches will be expanding to a total of 9 stores, starting on September 16th. The existing affiliated stores were Gwanghwamun Gate, Jamsil, and the Gangnam branch, and the newly added stores are Mok-dong, Yeongdeungpo, Cheongnyang-ri, Hapjeong, Bundang, and the Ilsan branch. The benefits are the same as before, and a discount of 10% maximum is provided when books, stationery, or records are purchased. Some items including magazines, government-designated textbooks, and corresponding college textbooks are excluded, and discount benefits are offered only when a student ID, mobile student ID, a teaching certificate, or a school personnel card is presented to prove that one is a member of Hanyang University. ▲ Source : Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library blog