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2020-03 11

[Policy]Hanyang University ERICA Provides Happy Housing within the 'Campus Innovation Park'

Building Happy Housing in the 'Campus Innovation Park (City high-tech industry estate within the university)' for university students and people working in industry-university collaboration projects is now possible. On the 3rd, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced that they have passed the revised bill of enforcement ordinance on the 'Act on Industrial Location and Development,' which is an essential part needed for the active development of the Campus Innovation Park. By having this revised bill as the basis, the university is planning to proceed with the steps about universities of leading businesses as soon as possible, and begin construction within this year. The Campus Innovation Park is a joint project of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, which focuses on industry and university collaboration and reinforcement of the businesses by supporting them to move into university estates that have been previously selected as a high-tech city industry estate. Requirements for universities to create such estates have also been specified. It requires universities to be able to distribute 12 ~40㎡ of land per its students after excluding the desired estate and also to have the approval of the school principal that the specific estate needs its development as the city high-tech industry estate due to its small usage. In addition, having the Campus Innovation Construction Project as the first motivation, the university estates will now be used as a new location for the industries, with the official from the Ministry of Education newly added to the government council of the Industrial Location Policy Review Board. The revised bill will be enforced immediately after it is made public on March 11th. Kim Kun-oh from the Industrial Location Policy Division of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport mentioned that, "it is anticipated that the project will quickly proceed as much as regulations for development of Campus Innovation Park is revised," and added that "we will select additional new businesses and strive for the extension of innovation ecosystem through university campuses within the country." Summary from the Campus Innovation Park Business [Provided by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport] Global News Team Translated by: Lee Wonyoung

2020-03 09

[Policy][COVID-19] Paiknam Library’s new policy: “We’ll increase the number of books you can borrow.”

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Paiknam Library is reducing their opening hours from March 6th. The rooms for subject materials and the Law Library, which used to run from 9am to 10pm, will now close at 8pm. Study Rooms 1 and 2 located in the first basement floor are usually open from 5am to 11pm, but from the 6th, its opening hours will be changed from 9am to 10pm. And as a complementary measure, the number of books both undergraduate and graduate students can loan will be increased from the original number of 10 books to 20 books. Also, in order to promote social distancing, when using study rooms 3 and 4, only 134 seats out of a total of 208 will be available. When using the group study rooms, students must remember to keep a social distance with others and to wear a mask at all times, and each of those rooms must be disinfected after each use. Besides the adjustment of the library’s opening hours, the library is also cleaning and disinfecting everything, specifically catered towards combatting COVID-19, while also conducting online classes. Special disinfection is scheduled to take place twice on March 8th, and on the 29th, from 6pm to 9PM. During this time, the entire library will be closed to the public and everyone will be prohibited from entering into the library. The ‘Library Academy’ that was running previously will stop all offline lessons according to the university’s policies and will be replaced with online classes instead. The online classes for the ‘Library Academy’ can be accessed through the Paiknam Library’s website ( The representatives of the Paiknam Library asked for ‘the visitors’ understanding and cooperation’ as they take ‘unavoidable measures to prevent the spread of the virus.’ The change in the opening hours and the Library Academy’s online classes will be kept until further notice. Global News Team

2020-03 09

[Policy][COVID-19] Hanyang University's Residence Hall Delays Its Date of Entry by 2 Weeks

Hanyang University’s Residence Hall announced that its date of entry has been changed to March 27th on the 3rd of March. This was changed because of the recent Corona virus outbreak, also known as COVID-19, causing the date when classes start to be delayed by 2 weeks, along with online classes that are planned to take place for 2 weeks after the new start of classes date. Since the date when dorm residents can move in was delayed for 2 weeks from March 13th to the 27th, the students will receive some of their money back according to the amount of days where they would not be residing in the dorms. Those who are eligible to receive their money back must enter in their bank account details on the university’s portal website by March 26th. Students can check the Residence Hall’s homepage for details on how they can enter in their bank account number and how much money they will be able to receive. Also, the Residence Hall’s plans to recruit additional dorm residents on March 9th remains unchanged. “We request all residents for their cooperation and understanding during this time,” claimed the Residence Hall authorities. They also stated: “During this time where the date of entry into the dormitories has been delayed, we will be thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting all the dorm facilities so that the students will be able to live in a safe and clean space.” Global News Team

2020-03 06

[Policy][COVID-19] "Consult Your Career Through a Phone Call ... Global Career Development Center Starts Non-Face-to-Face Services

The Global Career Development Center of Hanyang University announced on the 3rd that they are starting to offer non-face-to-face services in regards to the COVID-19 situation. The Global Career Development Center noted that 'the recession that is being caused by the 2020 COVID-9 is leading to the decrease of employment' and 'many major companies are canceling or reducing the scale of open recruitment, changing them to either regular employment or nonscheduled employment. This suggests a possibility that the open employment of those with no prior work experience may decrease continuously.' Also, the Center added that 'because regular employment and nonscheduled employment are done with the focus on an individual's job competency, which is the most important to recognize one's characteristics, target one job field, and create experiences related to that particular job field.' For this matter, the Global Career Development Center is providing one-on-one telephone consulting with career supporters. While it used to be conducted in a face-to-face form, all consulting is now provided through the phone due to COVID-19. Everything can be done on the phone including personal career concerns, cover letter consulting, interview consulting, and psychological diagnosis and explanation. To sign up for consulting, students need to log-in to HY-CDP, click 'Consulting Reservation' banner, select the consulting teacher and reserve the time on the Career Support tab. Additionally, online cover letter finishing guides and free use of EDUCE is provided. When connected to HY-CDP, students can view the special lecture on writing cover letters and previously accepted cover letters of the seniors. Also, students can get their cover letters to be corrected on-line. EDUCE provides not only the online explanations of test problems and mock-tests for conglomerates and public enterprises but also the company analysis information and guidebook for interviews. Global Career Development Center emphasized that 'students should visit HY-CDP continuously, since there may be additional services that will be provided.' Detailed information and programs can be found on the HY-CDP website. Global News Team Translated by: Lee Wonyoung

2020-03 02

[Policy][COVID-19] University's Countermeasure Website Open

After the government elevated the current status of COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) alert level to 'Severe', Hanyang University has strengthened online announcements regarding the issue. The university has created a website specifically for COVID-19 and is updating the Wiki contents to reinforce member access to pertinent and related information. ▲ The first page of the website for COVID-19 (coronavirus 2019) Countermeasures The 'COVID-19 (Novel Conoravirus) Countermeasure' website was urgently established. The website can be reached by clicking an image on the upper area of the first page of the Hanyang University website, or by typing or copying and pasting this specific web address: (Vanity URL People can be informed of the situation on selected infirmaries, the Korea Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Call Center, and an online bulletin board for the university's countermeasure plans. There are also instructions on hygiene guides for prevention of the disease, behavior instructions after contacting an infected patient, and more. The Student Support Team is also opening Daily Situation Reports through the website. The announcement page related to the website also appears first when accessing the university portal(, instead of the log-in page. Korean, English, and Chinese links are provided, relocating to the 'COVID-19 Countermeasure' website. ▲ When accessing the university portal, the announcement page on COVID-19 appears first. Leads to related guides according to languages. Moreover, Hanyang Wiki is organizing and posting information related to the University's countermeasures. The keyword is '코로나 19 (코로나19)'. The major policies are posted chronologically as soon as they are confirmed and announcements made from each department are also accessible. While the website provides related information separately, Hanyang Wiki gives the information in the form of a series. There is also information other than the university's official announcements, such as the countermeasures taken by the Student Union. Meanwhile, News H student reporters are being operated with a different system to prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as stopping official off-line meetings from two weeks ago, wearing a mask when collecting the news, and conducting interviews in a written form if possible. University's actions and situations related to COVID-19 are still ongoing and the online announcements created to minimize the students' confusion will be provided for the time being. ▲ Information posted on Hanyang Wiki '코로나19' keyword. Overal information is separated by the table of contents. Global News Team Translated by: Wonyoung Lee

2020-02 25

[Policy]2020 Best Dissertation Researchers Announced

The Office of Academic Affairs selected faculty members with outstanding research accomplishments and announced the list of 2020 Best Dissertation Researchers, which will provide support to the nominees and their research staff. A total of six professors, Kim Ki-hyun, Shen Yang-guk, Baek Woon-gyu, Yoo Dae-hyun, Hyun Seong-hyeop, and Choi Hyo-sung received the award. Best Dissertation Researchers are selected among faculty with the highest number of Highly Cited Papers (HCP) which are papers with the highest 1% of citation counts in each field of academics over the previous five years. When selected, the researchers receive additional research support staff and a reduction of mandatory teaching hours for two years. The list of the names and affiliations of the 2020 Best Dissertation Researchers were announced on February 20 as shown below, and a celebratory luncheon was held on February 26. ▲ 2020 Best Dissertation Researchers (Announced on 2020.2.20) △ Kim Ki-hyun (College of Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering) △ Sun Yang-kook (College of Engineering, Department of Energy Engineering) △ Paik Un-gyu (College of Engineering, Department of Energy Engineering) △ Yoo Dae-hyun (College of Medicine, Department of Medicine) △ Hyun Sung-hyup (College of Social Sciences, Division of Tourism) △ Choi Hyo-sung (College of Natural Sciences, Department of Chemistry) [Hanyang Wiki]최상위논문연구자 (only offered in Korean) Global News Team

2020-02 25

[Policy]Startup Support Foundation Invited International Buyers from 7 Nations and Held an Export Consulting Fair

Hanyang University's Startup Support Foundation invited international buyers to Hotel Samjung located in Seoul, Gangnam-gu on the 18th. The foundation opened an export consulting fair with startups that are interested in exporting globally, which were among the ones participating in the early-stage startup business package. The fair took place with the collaboration of the Hanyang University Startup Support Foundation and the World Federation of Overseas Korean Traders Association. Nine international buyers from seven countries, such as the United States and France, along with 50 individuals from 18 companies at Hanyang Startup, such as Cily Cosmetics, which was launched by a Youtube star Kang Teari, and the vegan cosmetics brand, Melixir, a vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand, participated in the event. At the sight, the participating companies exhibited their products and opened introduction booths, conducted 1:1 individual consulting with the matching international buyers, which was arranged through a pre-application. After the fair, business consulting under a more free atmosphere continued among all the buyers that participated during the participant networking session. Ryu Chang-wan Startup Support Foundation Leader mentioned that "the program was held to pioneer the international and domestic market for the startups, as well as enhancing the invigoration of exports," he also added, "the program will continue to be supported so that it could lead to a substantial outcome, through inviting more international buyers and creating additional connected programs." Global News Team Translated by: Lee Wonyoung

2020-02 18

[Policy][COVID-19] The End Date of the 2020 First Semester “Remains,” as Some Schedules Have Inevitably Changed

As the first day of the semester was delayed two weeks due to COVID-19, the Office of Academic Affairs announced the changed academic schedules. The last day of the semester is June 20, and considering the tight academic schedule of the 15-week class, the additional days of June 22 (Tue) and 23 (Wed) were designated as possible supplementary classes. Due to the delayed start of the semester, it is inevitable to change various university schedules within the first semester of 2020. For now, the application period for early graduation during the semester, the final correction period for the course application, and the mid-course lecture evaluation period, the graduation thesis submission period, and the application period for the multi-disciplinary course will be delayed by one or two weeks. The application period for the summer seasonal semester is the same as before. The end of the semester is unchanged, but the end-of-semester lecture evaluation period has been extended by four days, and the end of the first semester’s grade calculation and the checking period will be extended by one day. In addition, the summer semester was postponed for two days on a weekday basis on both the start and the end dates. No changes have been made for the second semester, and the standard date for the admission of those who are on leave of absence for military service will be announced separately. Through Hanyang Wiki’s “Academic Schedules 2020” page, you can compare the schedule before and after the change. * Hanyang Wiki:학사일정2020 (only in Korean) Global News Team Translation by: Lee Seong-chae

2020-02 14

[Policy][COVID-19] Temporary Closure of Residence Hall 

The Residence Hall announced on February 10th that it will operate a temporary closure for all Korean nationals as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. The closing period is 17 days from February 25th to March 12th. According to the notice of the Residence Hall, the measure is to block contact among students from all over China. As a result, Korean students residing in the student dormitory must leave with all personal items in the room by February 24. Though it may cause some inconvenience due to emergency measures, it is unavoidable to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Moreover, the dormitory admissions date for the spring semester of 2020 will be changed to March 13th in accordance with the start schedule. Notice of Temporary Closing Period and Check-in Schedule of Residence Hall The Residence Hall operates a special closing period for all Korean residents, as a preemptive measure to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus infections. Due to the publicity of the dormitory, we believe that there is a risk of spreading the highly infectious novel coronavirus. Therefore, we will operate a temporary closing period to secure the safety of the students to prevent contact among other students from all over China. It is. Please understand that this is an unavoidable measure to keep the safety of all students and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. The check-in schedule of the 2020 spring semester will be changed to March 13, 2020, under the starting day of the semester at Hanyang University. Additionally, The refund procedure for the difference in living expenses due to the postponement of the check-in schedule will be notified later. [Temporary Closing Period and Check-in Schedule] Subjects: All Koreans TO (Undergraduate and Graduate, including freshmen and current students) Period: Feb 25, 2020 ~ March 12, 2020 * All personal items must be taken out of the room Check-in Schedule: March 13, 2020 ~ March 15, 2020 (10: 00 ~ 20:00) * Except for lunch and dinner time Resident operation policy for 2019 winter semester closing period (selectable from 2 of the following) 1. After leaving by February 24, 2020, re-entering according to the changed check-in schedule (Check-in process required) - Remarks: No movement of occupant's room during the closing periods (Check-out on February 24, 2020) - Temporary closing period: Feb 25, 2020 ~ March 12, 2020 * All personal items must be taken out of the room * Personal luggage can be stored in storage if needed. However, no responsibility for loss (Please take out valuables and important items.) * Place: Reading Room, B1, Student Residence Hall 2 * How to: After packing personal baggage box, visit the administration team (Package box can be purchased at the security office) - Check-in process of 2020 spring semester: March 13, 2020, ~ March 15, 2020 (Due to temporary closing periods of Residence Hall in 2020 spring semester) 2. Application of waiver during the closing period - After applying for a waiver during the closing period by February 17, 2020 (4 p.m.), you are asked to check-out within the regular schedule from February 16, 2020, to February 17, 2020 - Fully refunded without a cancellation charge - Submit the application by the QR Code or the link at the top of the notice Global News Team Translated by Hyejeong Park

2020-02 14

[Policy][COVID-19] Two Week Postponement of the Spring Semester 2020

The Office of Academic Affairs announced that the opening of the spring semester will be postponed. The existing academic calendar has March 2nd as the starting day. However, as it was delayed two weeks, the semester is to start on March 16th. In addition to the postponement of the start of courses, the end date for the spring semester and the changing schedule will be announced soon. In addition, the graduate school, like the undergraduate school, announced the two week postponement of the starting date of the spring semester. Global News Team Translated by Hyejeong Park

2020-02 10

[Policy][COVID-19] ‘A letter to graduates’

On 7th, the Office of Academic Affairs posted ‘A letter to graduates’ in the name of the president. The official announcement for the cancellation of the graduation ceremony scheduled at the end of this February was presented with words of understanding. The letter writes that once the crisis settles down, photo shoots will be available to graduates who individually rent their gowns, and that the fall semester graduation ceremony which will be held in August will be prepared for students wishing to participate. The following is the complete text of the letter. I sincerely congratulate on your graduation. Congratulations on your new start as a practitioner of ‘love in deed and truth’ who will actively move forward onto the bigger world with your strength built in Hanyang’s grounds. I would also like to congratulate the parents and family members who provided support to their children with profound devotion and sacrifice. It is unfortunate that the scheduled graduation ceremony cannot take place due to the unexpected infectious spread of the Novel Coronavirus. Please understand that it is an inevitable measure for the health and safety of the graduates, families, and friends. In addition, we will prepare gown rentals for individual photo shoots within a fixed period after the infection crisis settles down, and the fall semester graduation ceremony in August 2020 for students hoping to attend. I wish the health and happiness of Hanyang graduates and their family members. President of Hanyang University, Kim Woo-Seung

2020-02 04

[Policy]Graduation and Entrance Ceremonies Are Cancelled, Policies on the Novel Coronavirus

Hanyang University's Infectious Disease Management Committee (Executive vice president, academic affairs as a chairman) announced the decided opinion of the university on the new coronavirus on February 3rd. The ‘2019 Early Graduation Ceremony’ planned from February 19th to 21st and ‘2020 Entrance Ceremony’ planned on February 28th will not be held this year. The Committee decided to cancel all events that many people gather, such as graduation ceremony, entrance ceremony, freshmen orientation, and freshmen welcoming. If any cancellation charge occurs due to the decision, the university supports expenditures. The move comes as the latest stage of warning of an infectious disease crisis has been upgraded from ‘caution’ to ‘alert’. It also noted the response methods that each college should equip hand sanitizer and post a notice at the entrance of the building. For this purpose, each administration team has to designate a person who can perform a primary temperature check, and if his or her student requests a fever check, the person will be instructed to check the symptoms more accurately through Hanyang Student Health Center (02-2220-1466). In addition, the university said it is currently purchasing a contactless thermometer to distribute to colleges. Meanwhile, the dormitory announced that it will use the Seoul Campus guest House as a self-isolation facility for students who returned from China to prevent the outbreak and spread of the infectious disease. Accordingly, reservation applications and use of guest houses will be suspended until the end of March. Read with the keyword at Hanyang Wiki:신종코로나바이러스감염증 Global News Team Translation by: Lee Seong-chae