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05/09/2018 HYU News > Policy


Hanyang University Sets Out to Secure Tourists in Coal Mining Villages during Off-season

ERICA-Samtan Art Mine Agreement, preparing solutions through PBL classes


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The ERICA campus of Hanyang University recently concluded an industry-academia cooperation agreement with Samtan Art Mine (representative Sohn Hwa-soon) for securing off-season tourists in coal mining villages. Samtan Art Mine is an art and culture complex made from abandoned mines in Jeongseon coal mines in Gangwondo. They are also famous as a filming location in the popular drama Descendents of the Sun starting actress Song Hye-Kyo and actor Song Jung-Ki.
Samtan Art Mine was looking for a novel idea to solve the problem of "securing low-demand tourists," which is a constant issue of companies in Gangwondo. Thus, ERICA campus of Hanyang University, which is famous for activating Problem Based Learning (PBL), joined the project. Through this agreement, Samtan Art Mine aims to generate profits and revitalize the local economy, and ERICA campus at Hanyang University expects students to improve their problem solving abilities.
In accordance with the agreement, Samtan Art Mine provides support for the cost of classes, support for on-the-job training during the vacation, and ERICA campus of Hanyang University adopts the strategy of securing low-demand customers as a class task for one semester. The institution has also promised to operate the "Critical Quality Attributes (CQA)" that is necessary for the provision. Students will present the results of their work at Gangwondo and Hanyang University ERICA campus in May and June, respectively, and all rights to the results will be owned by Samtan Art Mine.
Professor Jeon Sang-gil, who has a leading position in instructing PBL classes, said, "The PBL class is a good way to raise problem solving abilities in the problem solving process. I expect a lot of exchanges." he said.
Sohn said, " Through the cooperation with the ERICA campus of Hanyang University, I would like to clearly mark the identity established by Samtan Art Mine for many years and share the results with residents of Jeongseon area, Gangwondo, and ERICA campus of Hanyang University”.
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