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06/05/2019 HYU News > Policy


Hanyang University's Promotion of Plastic-free Campaign with the Environmental Foundation

Domestic and foreign environmental campaigns on the 17th of each month designated as Green Day


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Hanyang University is promoting the establishment of a 'Plastic-free Campus' campaign with medium and long term goals, working hand in hand with an environmental foundation. Hanyang University and this environmental foundation concluded an MOU on the creation of an eco-friendly campus on June 3rd at the Seongdong-gu, Seoul campus of Hanyang University and announced the declaration of all faculty and students to take action for the cause.

According to the agreement, Hanyang University students and faculty will minimize their use of disposable products for the sake of environmental protection and the school will install a washing station to encourage the use of tumblers. Their objective is to reduce the annual trash output by nearly 5 percent.  Also, paying attention to the 17 aims of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that the UN hopes to reach by 2030 in order to achieve a level of sustainability with nature, the 17th of each month was appointed Green Day to make progress with various internal and external environmental protection campaigns. For example, reusable paper notebooks were manufactured and delivered to developing countries, exhibits on the construction of an eco-friendly campus were held, and requests for the cooperation of on-campus commercial facilities to issue electronic receipts instead of paper were made. In addition, the school will create a new course for students majoring in Social Innovation called "Climate Change and the Impact on Business" beginning in the second semester to induce student participation. It will also regularly hold symposiums regarding current issues in the community and international environment with the environmental foundation.

The board president of Hanyang Kim Jong-lyang and President Kim Woo-seung said, “To us, environmental protection is not a choice but a duty,” and went on to say, “We will not stop at the proclamation of a plastic-free campus but actively seek specific action and conduct.” Board president Choe-yeol said, “The earth is not disposable. I thank you for the start of a full-scale eco-campus movement, and I expect an increase in the number of university students interested in environmental issues after the agreement ceremony.”

Meanwhile, Board president Kim Jong-lyang and President Kim Woo-seung of the Hanyang University side and Board president Choe-yeol and executive director Lee Mi-kyung of the environmental foundation side joined in the creation of the eco-friendly campus agreement.
▲Board president Choe-yeol (left) and President Kim Woo-seung are taking a memorial photo together at Seongdong-gu, Seoul campus on the 3rd after the conclusion of an MOU for the creation of an eco-friendly campus. 

Translation by: Kim Hyun-soo
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