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06/14/2019 HYU News > Policy


[Regulation] Addition of Special Leave of Absence Application, Adjustment of Credit Comletion for Double Majoring in the Division of Architecture

Announcing the revision on 2019 June 7th


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On June 7th, the Hanyang University Office of Planning announced the revision of the school regulation and enforcement regulations regarding double majoring, transfering of majors, and the current semester system.

First, as for the school regulation, a special leave of absence qualification has been added. Students penalized with limited suspension or those who have exhausted the general leave of absence period can apply for a special leave of absence until the semester of penalty termination. 

Taking a look at the revised items of enforcement regulations of double majoring, when completing the credits, if the credits completed in the first major are acknowledged to be identical courses, a maximum of 9 credits can be acknowledged as major credits.

In the case of the Division of Architecture students who are double majoring, the amount of credits to be completed has been lowered from 114 to 108, including core major courses and extended major courses. This rule is to be implemented from the day of its announcement, but it will also be applied to the graduates of 2019 February.

Partial revisions to the qualifications for a transfer of major have also been made. For the Department of Integrative Engineering of the College of Engineering Sciences and the Department of Accounting and Tax of the College of Business and Economics at ERICA Campus, the standard for accumulated grades (including Fs) has been eased from above 3.00 to above 2.00.

As for the revisions to the current semester system, changes have been made to the method of grade (credits) acknowledgment. The credits completed by a student under the current semester system can be acknowledged up to 20 credits per semester under the names of foreign universities (English), and the grades earned will be reflected in the calculation of the average GPA. Accreditation of credits obtained from foreign universities is recognized by categorizing them into major credits, elective credits, and general elective credits after review by the related departments. In the case of countries with different grades and credit rating systems, country-specific ratings and credit conversion tables set by the Office of International Affairs will be applied.

More details are available at Hanyang University website's "University Regulations" category (

Translated by Jeon Chae-yun
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