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07/09/2019 HYU News > Policy


Hanyang University-SKT, Signed MOU on Cultivating AI Experts

Operating online AI curricula, plans to cooperate on fostering talented individuals in the field of AI


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Hanyang University signed an MOU with SK Telecom (representative Park Jeong-ho) to cooperate on AI education on Seoul Campus, Seongdong-gu, Seoul on July 4th. This agreement was made in order to foster professionals in the AI field. Both parties decided to cooperate on operating online AI curriculum, fostering talents in the field, and expanding the field of AI.
▲Moon Yeon-hoe SK Telecom head of corporate culture (left) and Kim Woo-seung president of Hanyang are taking a memorial photo after concluding an agreement to foster AI experts on the 4th, in Seongdong-gu, Seoul.
Hanyang University is adding an online course called AI Applications to the regular curriculum of the Department of Information Systems starting this fall semester. The course encompasses topics from theories to practical work, from the basic understanding of AI voice recognition to the applied technology of voice synthesis and image recognition through excellent internal and external research cases like the SK Telecom voice recognition AI speaker NUGU.

Both parties anticipated that many students will be able to acquire basic knowledge and on-site technology know-how needed for AI service development through the AI curriculum via online channels.

SK Telecom will expand industry-academic cooperation by securing additional agreements with 2~3 local prestigious universities after the collaboration with Hanyang University.
SK Telecom has shared its own AI technology capabilities with local universities, beginning with the establishment of offline curriculum with Seoul National University in 2017. Recently, they started operating the AI Fellowship program and proceeding AI related field research projects with excellent natural sciences and engineering undergraduates and graduates. Roughly 20 students from 7 teams selected as the 1st generation will carry out assignments while receiving research funding of 10 million won and continuous mentoring from Techsters of SK Telecom for a year, starting this month.

Translation by Kim Hyun-soo
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