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07/09/2019 HYU News > Policy


[Regulations] School Rules, Minors, 2nd Majors, and Graduation Reservation System Titles Changed; Organization Rules Partially Revised

Revised regulations take effect on July 4, 2019


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The Hanyang University Office of Planning announced the reorganized contents regarding school regulations and codes on July 4th.

First, looking at the detailed regulations of school rules, minors, 2nd majors (multiple major, interdisciplinary major, fusion major), and the graduation reservation system, the title of the graduation reservation system has been changed to Bachelor's Degree Acquisition Reservation.

In the case of a second major, the number of required credits for the Division of Architecture in the College of Engineering has been adjusted. The required number of credits for major subjects has been reduced from 114 to 108 credits, including 18 credits of intensive major courses. These regulations are effective beginning with 2019 February graduates.

There are partial revisions related to organization regulations. Seoul campus Hanyang Institute for Talent Development added the Residential College Center to join the Global Career Development Center, Leadership Center, and Hanyang Happiness-Dream Counseling Center. Also, the Industrial-Academic Cooperation Complex Project Group was founded as the head office of ERICA campus. The R.PBL Learning Center of Seoul campus Education Innovation Foundation has been renamed to the IC-PBL Professor Education Center.

The regulations used by the delegation have also been partially revised. The R.PBL Learning Center was divided into the Education Innovation Team and the IC-PBL Learning Center. In addition, the regulations used by the delegation based on the work of the education innovation team and the IC-PBL Learning Center have been readjusted.

In the regulations for school personnel, the classification "instructor" was added following the implementation of the Act on the Partial Amendments to the Higher Education Act. In principle, instructors should only provide education and guidance on their subjects; additionally, they will be divided into full-time instructors, invited instructors, and adjunct instructors depending on whether they are active or not, has been newly established.

Regarding the revisions of the commissions of part-time faculty, the title of part-time faculty has changed to "adjunct faculty," visiting professor to "visiting faculty," adjunct professor to "adjunct faculty," and part-time instructor to "instructor."

Above this, regulations for such programs as Management Advisory Committee, Industrial-Academic Cooperation Complex Project Group, The HEAD Lab (Hanyang Education in Art+Design Lab), Rheumatism Center, Institute of Cultural Properties, and High-Pressure Laboratory have been implemented.

More information can be found under "University Regulation" on the Hanyang University homepage at
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