‘Hanyang Business Lab’ newly established

  • Space for 7 different types of projects were newly established in the Business Building of Seoul campus

‘Industry related education consult committee’ managed

  • First university in Korea reflecting need of industry to school curriculum and adjusting at both campuses

Practice of mid-course evaluation

  • For advanced education quality, Hanyang practiced a mid-course evaluation among students in order to reflect their needs for class.

Hanyang University MOOC, adjusted naver platform

  • First university capable of providing ‘credits’ per lecture using naver platform

2017 K-MOOC 3 lectures newly launched

  • Design issues of science technology innovation era, those who make performances, composition of financial statement ; Step-by-Step Guide



Linc+ Project, only university to be selected in LINC+ for both campus

  • Selected as ‘Leaders in Industry-university Cooperation Project’, to receive 40 billion won for 5 years.

"Selected as ‘2017 ICT investigation center'"

  • Nurturing ICT future leaders pioneering the 4th industrial revolution.

Selected as the Innovative Business for Engineering Departments by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning.

  • Both ‘Future engineers’ and ‘X-Corps’ (a program tailored for science and engineering students to become professions ) were selected.


"Selected as CORE(initiative for College of humanities’ Research and Education) project unit"

  • As the ‘Global Area Studies Model, Basic Science Enrichment Model, and Human-Based Convergence Model’

"ERICA Campus was selected as the 'large-scale sector' of the PRIME(Program for Industrial needs – Matched Education) Project"

  • large-scale sector will be supported up to 15 billion won a year.
  • Centered fields are Software Engineering, Photonics and Nanoelectronics, and Chemical Molecular Engineering.

"Selected as Software focusing University"

  • Newly established College of Computing, and established Division of Computer Science by uniting software related departments.
  • Starting from 2018 admission, special admission for software specializing students will be established.

"Reinforcement of Online Education, Expansion of MOOC"

  • 2016, 3 classes were newly added in K-MOOC


"Era of online education, High quality lectures availabe at home"

  • Established co-development system for e-learning with universities in Seoul district.
  • Started 4 lectures by joining ‘Korean Online open-lecture K-MOOC’
  • Signed an agreement with FutureLearn to promote quality lectures

"The First ‘Student career development system’ in Korea"

  • HY-CDP system established in order to guide student’s future plans and career developments from freshmen to senior

"Education enriching lives"

  • First university to promote charity lectures
  • First university to appoint leaders with positive social influence as ‘Sharing professor’
  • Sharing professors give lectures about ‘Understanding Volunteer works and its Practice’


"Building up Hanyang’s educational value through academic convergence"

  • Established classics reading course
  • Established Departement of Convergence Robotics System in graduate school
  • Opening of Hanyang Convergence Medical Service Research Center
  • Opening of Hanyang Fusion Art Center
  • Newly established Department of Military Information Engineering, Department of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, Department of Electronic Engineering
  • Established Hanyang Institute for Talent Development: Korea’s best Human Development center assisting students for admission to graduation covering various issues including employment, entrepreneurship, leadership education, student career guides
  • Organized festival type of educational environment : Leading model of Industry-University Cooperation, ‘HY-Tech Fair’/ Educational festival,‘HY G.P.S’/ Employment support job fair, ‘JOB Discovery Festival’


  • Global leadership education, reinforcement of convergence education
  • Established reading classics system
  • [ERICA] Reinforcement of Industry-University Cooperation through field-trip experiences, introduced selective 5 year course
  • Newly established Department of Automotive Engineering, Department of Electronic Engineering, Department of Policy Studies, Department of Robot Engineering, Department of Actuarial Science, Department of Accounting and Tax, Department of Science and Technology Policy