• Simplification of Early Admission (Susi-track), reduces the burden of examinees and helps them to prepare for admission.
  • 2018 Special Admission Counseling Cafe for early admission (1000 participants at Seoul, 500 for ERICA)
  • 2018 Regular Admission Counseling Cafe, more than 2000 people attended
  • 2018 Admission seminar, more than 4000 attended
  • Admission Exam for Foreign students(processed in Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai and in other major cities)

"2018 competition rate for admission"

  • Seoul Campus Special admissions (Susi): 29.9 to 1 / Regular admissions: 6.10 to 1
    ERICA Campus Special admissions (Susi): 22.97 to 1 / Regular admissions: 8.22 to 1


  • Full disclosure of admission process and results for the past 3 years. Provision of admissions support services.
  • Full disclosure of admission process and results for the past 3 years. Provision of admissions support services.
  • Over 2000 visited the online cafe for 2017 admissions counselling
  • About 10% of admitted students in the School of Business were composed of Science & Math track students (direct result of dramatically modifying admission requirements)
  • Hanyang is the only university that requires foreign students to take an admissions exam

"2017 competition rate for admission"

  • Seoul Campus Special admissions (Susi): 27.62 to 1 / Regular admissions: 5.66 to 1
    ERICA Campus Special admissions (Susi): 18.86 to 1 / Regular admissions: 6.87 to 1


First University in Korea To Fully Disclose Admission- Related Information
  • Management of online counseling service Smart Admissions Cafe
  • First university to use tablet PCs to simplify the identity verification process
  • The barcode system eliminated repeated marking of student information, allowing exam proctors to validate the test through a simple barcode scan


  • First university to use tablet PCs in grading the practical test for Applied Art Education admissions exam. The exam was evaluated by faculty members outside of Hanyang University.
  • The practical test took place in COEX due to a large gathering of 3000 applicants
  • Rules modified for the identity verification system to be completed before the exam begins
  • ‘Student-Centered Admissions Counseling Services’ implemented to provide customized information to prospective applicants.
  • First university to provide online mock exams for subject-specific written admission assessment
  • Essay topics for admission derived from official textbooks and texts published by EBS

"Hanyang Selected By the Government As Leading Contributor To Normalization Of High School Education"

  • Simplification of special admissions (Susi) by eliminating minimum score of Suneung, eliminating early admission, expanding weight of overall records and performance in high school, simplification of admissions process
  • Expansion of scholarship programs: Elimination of minimum score of Suneung and conditional scholarship system
  • Taking the initiative to provide low-cost admissions, host mentoring forums and advisory panels to ensure fairness in the admissions process
  • 10,000 participants in the 2014 Career Exhibition hosted by Hanyang

"Admissions Acceptance Rate"

  • Seoul Campus Special admissions (Susi): 24.51 to 1 / Regular admissions: 5.05 to 1
    ERICA Campus Special admissions (Susi): 18.26 to 1 / Regular admissions: 5.64 to 1
  • Most competitive in Seoul Campus: Written exam for Media Communications major, 110.38 to 1
    Most competitive in ERICA Campus: Special admissions practical test for Practical Music Vocal major, 436.2 to 1 (most competitive in the country)


  • First university to fully disclose admissions information and data (including Suneung scores, admission rates, high school performance scores of successful applicants in the past 3 years) in efforts to maintain transparency and fairness in the admission process
  • Development of Hanyang Admissions Planner app to allow easy access to the latest information for applicants
  • Management of the online counseling service Smart admissions cafe
  • Provision of videos under Admission Information Services to help better understand the admission process
  • Renewal of web page, enabling a simple one-click service
  • Provision of mock written tests, release of best answer among applicants
  • Provision of instant feedback based on mock-interviews online
  • Implementation of Smart Admissions: Diamond 7 Scholarship Programs, modification of minimum score for Suneung, simplification of required documents for admission

"Admissions Acceptance Rate"

  • Acceptance rate was 33.1 to 1 in 2012; 25.7 to 1 in 2013 (most competitive in the nation)
  • Regular admissions: 4.33 to 1 in 2013; 5.06 to 1 in 2014
  • Seoul Campus special admissions (Susi): 31.75 to 1 (average competition rate among all universities was 18.3 to 1)
  • ERICA Campus special admissions (Susi): 21.94 to 1
  • 2357 applied for special admissions for Practical Music Vocal major in 2014, a 471.4 to 1 competition making it the most competitive in the country that year
  • 2013 and 2014 recorded the highest increase in competition rate for the medical school of 3.25 to 1 in 2013 and 5.47 to 1 in 2014


  • Special admissions for 2013 was 32.55 to 1, the highest in the nation
  • Programs to provide more information on specific majors were implemented where current undergraduate students visited high schools and presented on their majors. In collaboration with provincial education offices, experiential programs for high school students were also provided
  • Admission counseling services (named GO Together) were also offered online for high schools in rural and less populated parts of the country
  • Fun mentorship camps were offered where high school students teamed with current undergraduates to serve in their local communities