• Seoul campus earned 2.2 billion 11.98 million won for technology transfer (33 cases), ranked 8th (stated by the Ministry of Education)
  • ERICA campus earned 697.01 million won for technology transfer (42 cases), ranked 29th(stated by the Ministry of Education)
  • Ranked 34th in ‘Industry-University Cooperation research results index’ presented by THE(5th in Korea)


  • ERICA campus awarded grade A in ‘2016 Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation (LINC)’ project’s annual evaluation, ranking 1st in technological innovation sector for 4 consecutive years
  • Ranked 4th in technology transfer income (3.1 billion 70 million won) and contract performance (56 contracts)
  • ERICA campus becomes Korea’s first university to sign an Industry-University Cooperation agreement with the online shopping mall Alibaba.com
  • Launched ‘Hanyang-Seongdong IT Forum’ with medium-sized firms in Seongdong district
  • Department of Applied Physics, featured for its active Industry-University Cooperation and high employment rate (According to Joonang Daily)
  • Opening of ’Hanyang Social innovation Industry-University Cooperation Forum’ in line with Social Enterprise Network (SEN)
  • Opening of ‘Korea, US, Japan, UK Patent Commercialization Matching Festival’


  • ERICA campus awarded grade A in 2015 Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation (LINC)’ project’s annual evaluation
  • Hanyang awarded grade A in knowledge technology application and categorized in grade A in Infrastructural construction group in the 3rd GlobaI Industry-University Cooperation forum’s Industry-University Cooperation evaluation
  • High ranking in domestic and overseas patent registrations; 653 domestic patents ranking 5th in the nation, 107 overseas personal patent registrations, 58 in PCT registrations, 50 foreign registrations ranking 2-4th place nationwide.
  • Technology transfers revenue ranked 2nd place for 2 consecutive years (2.5billion 70million won)
  • Selected as Innovator Model in ‘Creative Asset Commercialization Business’ supported by the government


  • Amount of university technology transfer income in 2013 (about 30 billion won), rated 2nd in the country.
  • Overall result of Industry-University Cooperation in 2013 ranking 4th (219.5 billion won)
  • Korean Intellectual Property rewarded Hanyang University the Grand Prize in ‘R&D IP Tech-Fair of 2014’


  • Technology Transfer Income rated 1st in 2012 with 4.8 billion KRW (According to the Ministry of Resources)
  • Technology Transfer Income in total 11.6 billion won,and royalty rated 9 billion won, and contract cases added up to 43 in 2013 (Presented by Industry-University Cooperation Agency)
  • Awarded grade A in University & Public Intellectual Asset Commercialization Agency (by Korean Intellectual Property Office in 2013)
  • •Acquisition of highest grade in Industry-University Cooperation in business evaluation
  • Selected as the Best Technology Innovative University in the first evaluation of LINC
  • Selected as outstanding business unit by LINC business leaders of Industry-University Cooperation EXPO
  • Selected as the best university in Industry-University Cooperation based on industrial view (presented by Dong-A Daily)
  • Awarded the Ministry of Education General’s Award in Human Nurturing category as the best case in Industry-University Cooperation in year 2013
  • Management of COPE in ERICA campus (By recommending 1 year of practical real world experience for its undergraduate course, COPE is reorganized into a 5 year course. Patent Business Exhibition was also held)


  • Ranked 1st in accumulated amount of Technology Transfer in 2006-2011
  • Ranked 1st in accumulated amount of Technology Transfer Income (about 12.3 billion won)
  • Ranked 1st in Intellectual Property Management and Transfer Profit
  • Ranked 4th in 2010 Patent Registration
  • Ranked 4th in domestic patents and 5th in overseas patents
  • Awarded the Grand Prize by the General of the Ministry of Education for ERICA campus’ Industry-Education Cooperation Internship (E-WIL) program